Journal of Remanufacturing, Springer

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2020 Remanufacturing: A potential sustainable solution for increasing medical equipment availabilityEze, Solomon; Ijomah, Winifred; Wong, T. C.
2020 Supporting design for remanufacturing: A framework for implementing information feedback from remanufacturing to product designLindkvist Haziri, Louise; Sundin, Erik
2020 The effect of returns volume uncertainty on the dynamic performance of closed-loop supply chainsPonte, Borja; Naim, Mohamed M.; Syntetos, Aris A.
2019 Design-for-testing for improved remanufacturabilityTant, Katherine M. M.; Mulholland, Anthony J.; Curtis, Andrew; Ijomah, Winifred L.
2019 Low cost three-dimensional virtual model construction for remanufacturing industrySiddiqi, Muftooh U. R.; Ijomah, Winifred L.; Dobie, Gordon I.; Hafeez, Mutahir; Pierce, S. Gareth; Ion, William; Mineo, Carmelo; MacLeod, Charles N.; Amin, Saman Hassanzadeh
2019 Accessing medical equipment in developing countries through remanufacturingEze, Solomon; Ijomah, Winifred; Wong, Tse Chiu
2019 Capturing the life cycle of false hair products to identify opportunities for remanufactureWilson, Nicky; Thomson, Avril; Moore-Millar, Karena; Ijomah, Winifred
2019 Circular economy assessment tool for end of life product recovery strategiesAlamerew, Yohannes A.; Brissaud, Daniel
2019 Remanufacture of hot forging tools and dies using laser metal deposition with powder and a hard-facing alloy Stellite 21®Foster, Jim; Cullen, Crawford; Fitzpatrick, Stephen; Payne, Grant; Hall, Liza; Marashi, James
2018 A living-sphere approach for locally oriented sustainable designKobayashi, Hideki; Fukushige, Shinichi
2018 Addressing today's challenges in automotive remanufacturingCasper, Robert; Sundin, Erik
2017 Combined analyses of costs, market value and eco-costs in circular business models: Eco-efficient value creation in remanufacturingVogtlander, Joost G.; Scheepens, Arno E.; Bocken, Nancy M. P.; Peck, David
2016 Remanufacturing of functional surfaces using developed ECH machineSingh, Harpreet; Jain, Pramod Kumar
2016 Management of intellectual property uncertainty in a remanufacturing strategy for automotive energy storage systemsHartwell, Ian; Marco, James
2016 Technical solutions to improve global sustainable management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the EU and ChinaLong, Euan; Kokke, Saskia; Lundie, Donald; Shaw, Nicola; Ijomah, Winifred; Kao, Chih-Chuan
2015 Strategic operations framework for disassembly in remanufacturingPriyono, Anjar; Ijomah, Winifred L.; Bititci, Umit S.
2015 Cost estimation for remanufacture with limited and uncertain information using case based reasoningGoodall, Paul; Graham, Ian; Harding, Jenny; Conway, Paul; Schleyer, Stefan; West, Andrew
2015 Reprocessing and repairing white and brown goods - the R.U.S.Z case: An independent and non-profit businessLechner, Gernot; Reimann, Marc
2015 Examination of demand forecasting by time series analysis for auto parts remanufacturingMatsumoto, Mitsutaka; Ikeda, Akira
2015 The economic lot-sizing problem with remanufacturing: Analysis and an improved algorithmPiñeyro, Pedro; Viera, Omar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 58