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2018 Youth minimum wages and youth employmentMarimpi, Maria; Koning, Pierre
2018 Market and political power interactions in Greece: An empirical investigationKollintzas, Tryphon; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Tsionas, Efthymios; Vassilatos, Vanghelis
2018 Are active labour market policies effective in activating and integrating low-skilled individuals? An international comparisonEscudero, Verónica
2018 The dog that barks doesn't bite: Coverage and compliance of sectoral minimum wages in ItalyGarnero, Andrea
2018 Enforcement of labor market regulations: Heterogeneous compliance and adjustment across genderViollaz, Mariana
2017 The employability of ex-offenders: A field experiment in the Swedish labor marketAhmed, Ali M.; Lång, Elisabeth
2017 Optimal combination of wage cuts and layoffs-the unexpected side effect of a performance-based payment systemYokoyama, Izumi; Obara, Takuya
2017 Effectiveness of a job vacancy referral schemeBollens, Joost; Cockx, Bart
2017 The role of workplace accommodations in the employment of people with disabilitiesAnand, Priyanka; Sevak, Purvi
2017 Understanding the public sector pay gapCampos, Maria M.; Depalo, Domenico; Papapetrou, Evangelia; Pérez, Javier J.; Ramos, Roberto
2017 Cash transfers and female labor force participation: The case of AUH in ArgentinaGarganta, Santiago; Gasparini, Leonardo; Marchionni, Mariana
2017 (Un)beliveable wages? An analysis of minimum wage policies in Europe from a living wage perspectiveFabo, Brian; Belli, Sharon Sarah
2017 The impact of Syrian refugees on natives' labor market outcomes in Turkey: Evidence from a quasi-experimental designCeritoglu, Evren; Yunculer, H. Burcu Gurcihan; Torun, Huzeyfe; Tumen, Semih
2017 Are genetic markers of interest for economic research?Lehrer, Steven F.; Ding, Weili
2017 Can a search model predict the effects of an increase in the benefit duration? Evidence from the Portuguese unemployment insurance reformNovo, Álvaro A.; Silva, André C.
2017 Evaluating place-based job creation programs in JapanKazekami, Sachiko
2017 Having a bad attitude? The relationship between attitudes and sickness absenceHauge, Karen Evelyn; Ulvestad, Marte Eline
2017 Pension schemes and labor supply in the formal and informal sectorCeni, Rodrigo
2017 Has the wage Phillips curve changed in the euro area?Bulligan, Guido; Viviano, Eliana
2016 Misperceptions of unemployment and individual labor market outcomesCardoso, Ana Rute; Loviglio, Annalisa; Piemontese, Lavinia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 124