IZA Journal of Labor Policy

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2016 Policy levers to increase jobs and increase income from work after the Great RecessionNeumark, David
2016 What happened to collective bargaining during the great recession?Visser, Jelle
2016 Reforming retirement age in DB and DC pension systems in an aging OLG economy with heterogenous agentsTyrowicz, Joanna; Makarski, Krzysztof; Bielecki, Marcin
2016 Supporting self-employment and small-scale entrepreneurship: Potential programs to improve livelihoods for vulnerable workersCho, Yoonyoung; Robalino, David; Watson, Samantha
2016 Earnings after DI: Evidence from full medical continuing disability reviewsHemmeter, Jeffrey; Bailey, Michelle Stegman
2016 Partners' leisure time truly together upon retirementStancanelli, Elena; Van Soest, Arthur
2016 Connecting high school dropouts to employment and education: An impact study of the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe ProgramMillenky, Megan
2016 Drivers and effects of labour market reforms: Evidence from a novel policy compendiumAdascalitei, Dragos; Pignatti Morano, Clemente
2016 The changing graduate labour market: Analysis using a new indicator of graduate jobsGreen, Francis; Henseke, Golo
2016 Misperceptions of unemployment and individual labor market outcomesCardoso, Ana Rute; Loviglio, Annalisa; Piemontese, Lavinia
2016 A new look at technical progress and early retirementBurlon, Lorenzo; Vilalta-Bufí, Montserrat
2016 Youth unemployment and active labor market policies in EuropeCaliendo, Marco; Schmidl, Ricarda
2016 Effects of increased elderly employment on other workers' employment and elderly's earnings in JapanKondo, Ayako
2016 Women's and men's responses to in-work benefits: The influence of childrenAndrén, Daniela; Andrén, Thomas
2016 Labor market integration of new immigrants in SpainRodríguez-Planas, Núria; Nollenberger, Natalia
2015 Who suffers from unemployment? The role of health and skillsNilsson, Anton
2015 Fiscal policies and the prices of labor: A comparison of the U.K. and U.S.Mulligan, Casey
2015 Did the Intergenerational Solidarity Pact increase the employment rate of older workers in Belgium? A macro-econometric evaluationDejemeppe, Muriel; Smith, Catherine; Van der Linden, Bruno
2015 Financial work incentives for disability benefit recipients: Lessons from a randomised field experimentBütler, Monika; Deuchert, Eva; Lechner, Michael; Staubli, Stefan; Thiemann, Petra
2015 Testing a conditional cash transfer program in the US: The effects of the family rewards program in New York CityMiller, Cynthia; Riccio, James; Verma, Nandita; Nuñez, Stephen; Dechausay, Nadine; Yang, Edith
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 97