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2017 Minimum income schemes in Europe: Is there a trade-off with activation policies?Iacono, Roberto
2017 Co-movements between public and private wages in the EU: What factors and with what policy implications?Marzinotto, Benedicta; Turrini, Alessandro
2016 Unemployment dynamics and the Beveridge curve in GreeceTagkalakis, Athanasios O.
2016 Towards shared unemployment insurance in the euro areaAndor, László
2016 The impact of family-friendly policies in Spain and their use throughout the business cyclede la Rica, Sara; Gorjón, Lucía
2016 Wage inequality, skill inequality, and employment: Evidence and policy lessons from PIAACJovicic, Sonja
2016 Gender unemployment gaps in the EU: Blame the familyBičáková, Alena
2016 The impact of easy and early access to old-age benefits on exits from the labour market: A macro-micro analysisGałecka-Burdziak, Ewa; Góra, Marek
2016 Revisiting German labour market reform effects: A panel data analysis for occupational labour marketsStops, Michael
2016 Absenteeism, childcare and the effectiveness of pension reformsCoda Moscarola, Flavia; Fornero, Elsa; Strøm, Steinar
2016 Health inequality and the uses of time for workers in Europe: Policy implicationsGimenez-Nadal, J.; Molina, Jose
2016 Job loss by wage level: Lessons from the Great Recession in IrelandNolan, Brian; Voitchovsky, Sarah
2016 Do bilateral social security agreements deliver on the portability of pensions and health care benefits? A summary policy paper on four migration corridors between EU and non-EU member statesHolzmann, Robert
2016 Automatic stabilizers: The intersection of labour market and fiscal policiesAndersen, Torben M.
2016 Are student jobs flexible jobs? Using online data to study employers' preferences in SlovakiaKureková, Lucia Mýtna; Žilinčíková, Zuzana
2016 Hanging in, but only just: Part-time employment and in-work poverty throughout the crisisHoremans, Jeroen; Marx, Ive; Nolan, Brian
2016 Did tuition fees in Germany constrain students' budgets? New evidence from a natural experimentThomsen, Stephan; von Haaren-Giebel, Friederike
2016 Poverty trends during two recessions and two recoveries: Lessons from Sweden 1991-2013Jonsson, Jan O.; Mood, Carina; Bihagen, Erik
2016 Structural unemployment after the crisis in AustriaChristl, Michael; Köppl-Turyna, Monika; Kucsera, Dénes
2016 Minimum income protection in the austerity tideMarchal, Sarah; Marx, Ive; Van Mechelen, Natascha
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 104