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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016A universal new product development and upgradation framework
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 27, p. 1-16
Dhargalkar, Kaustubh; Shinde, Kasturi; Arora, Yoshita
2016Sex differences in entrepreneurs' business growth intentions: An identity approach
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 29, p. 1-20
Zampetakis, Leonidas A.; Bakatsaki, Maria; Kafetsios, Konstantinos; Moustakis, Vassilis S.
2016The influence of social capital on opportunity emergence and exploitation: A comparison of portfolio and serial entrepreneurs
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 28, p. 1-23
Lechner, Christian; Kirschenhofer, Florian; Dowling, Michael
2016The powerful ideas of making: Building beyond the curriculum
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 30, p. 1-7
Holbert, Nathan
2016Are we ready to adopt mobile money in non-profit sector?
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 32, p. 1-13
Yunus, Fakir Md; Khan, Safayet; Tasnuba, Tanjilut; Husain, Paroma Afsara; Misiti, Amanda Joy
2016Role of foreign direct investment on technology transfer and economic growth in Kenya: A case of the energy sector
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 31, p. 1-25
Osano, Hezron M.; Koine, Pauline W.
2016"We are connected, but constrained": Internet inequality and the challenges of millennials in Africa as actors in innovation
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 3, p. 1-21
Counted, A. Victor; Arawole, Joyce O.
2016Social exchange in collaborative innovation: maker or breaker
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 4, p. 1-20
Malmström, Malin M.; Johansson, Jeaneth
2016Achieving the innovative edge in technology, engineering design, and entrepreneurship
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 6, p. 1-18
Pech, Robert M.
2016Defining the Black and Scholes approach: A first systematic literature review
In: volume: 5, 2016, issue: 5, p. 1-13
Del Giudice, Manlio; Evangelista, Federica; Palmaccio, Matteo