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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015An experimental analysis and optimization of machining rate and surface characteristics in WEDM of Monel-400 using RSM and desirability approachKumar, Vinod; Kumar, Vikas; Jangra, Kamal Kumar
2015Retailer's optimal credit period and cycle time in a supply chain for deteriorating items with up-stream and down-stream trade creditsMahata, Gour Chandra
2015An automated time and hand motion analysis based on planar motion capture extended to a virtual environmentTinoco, Hector A.; Ovalle, Alex M.; Vargas, Carlos A.; Cardona, MarĂ­a J.
2015Developing a new stochastic competitive model regarding inventory and priceRashid, Reza; Bozorgi-Amiri, Ali; Seyedhoseini, S. M.
2015(m, M) Machining system with two unreliable servers, mixed spares and common-cause failureJain, Madhu; Mittal, Ragini; Kumari, Rekha
2015Operator agency in process intervention: Tampering versus application of tacit knowledgevan Gestel, P.; Pons, D.J.; Pulakanam, V.
2015Performance evaluation of the croissant production line with reparable machinesTsarouhas, Panagiotis H.
2015Modified FGP approach and MATLAB program for solving multi-level linear fractional programming problemsLachhwani, Kailash; Nehra, Suresh
2015Markov modeling and reliability analysis of urea synthesis system of a fertilizer plantAggarwal, Anil Kr.; Kumar, Sanjeev; Singh, Vikram; Garg, Tarun Kr.
2015Curbing variations in packaging process through Six Sigma way in a large-scale food-processing industryDesai, Darshak A.; Kotadiya, Parth; Makwana, Nikheel; Patel, Sonalinkumar