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2019 An optimization model for management of empty containers in distribution network of a logistics company under uncertaintyHosseini, Ahmad; Sahlin, Tobias
2019 An integrated approach for scheduling flexible job-shop using teaching-learning-based optimization methodBuddala, Raviteja; Mahapatra, Siba Sankar
2019 A systematic review on supplier selection and order allocation problemsAouadni, Sourour; Aouadni, Ismahene; Rebaï, Abdelwaheb
2019 Mathematical model for dynamic cell formation in fast fashion apparel manufacturing stagePerera, Gayathri; Ratnayake, Vijitha
2019 Application of robust multivariate control chart with Winsorized Mean: A case studyAriza Guerrero, Angellys P.; Barreto Pombo, Rister; Herrera Acosta, Roberto J.
2019 Dilemma in two game structures for a closed-loop supply chain under the influence of government incentivesSaha, Subrata; Nielsen, Izabela Ewa; Majumder, Sani
2019 An integrated vendor-buyer model with stochastic demand, lot-size dependent lead-time and learning in productionMukherjee, Anindita; Dey, Oshmita; Giri, B. C.
2019 An improved particle swarm optimization with a new swap operator for team formation problemEl-Ashmawi, Walaa H.; Ali, Ahmed F.; Tawhid, Mohamed A.
2019 A reverse logistics chain mathematical model for a sustainable production system of perishable goods based on demand optimizationTavakkoli Moghaddam, Saeed; Javadi, Mehrdad; Molana, Mohammad
2019 Developing a fuzzy inference system to devise proper business strategies: A study on carpet industryHemayatkar, Nasrin; Khalili-Damghani, Kaveh; Didehkhani, Hosein; Samiee, Roohalla
2019 Scheduling of undergraduate thesis examination: A case study in Industrial Engineering Department of Universitas Sebelas MaretRosyidi, Cucuk Nur; Budiningsih, Endah; Jauhari, Wakhid Ahmad
2019 Phase II monitoring of multivariate simple linear profiles with estimated parametersYazdi, Ahmad Ahmadi; Hamadani, Ali Zeinal; Amiri, Amirhossein
2019 Cat swarm optimization for solving the open shop scheduling problemBouzidi, Abdelhamid; Riffi, Mohammed Essaid; Barkatou, Mohammed
2019 A two-sided Bernoulli-based CUSUM control chart with autocorrelated observationsFatemi Ghomi, S. M. T.; Sogandi, F.
2019 Dynamic cellular manufacturing system considering machine failure and workload balanceRabbani, Masoud; Farrokhi-Asl, Hamed; Ravanbakhsh, Mohammad
2019 Robust Wagner-Whitin algorithm with uncertain costsHanafizadeh, Payam; Shahin, Amir; Sajadifar, Mehdi
2019 Systematic integrated approach to quantifying preventive diagnostics in a "smart" transport systemYankevich, Natallia
2019 Developing an economical model for reliability allocation of an electro-optical system by considering reliability improvement difficulty, criticality, and subsystems dependencyMohamadi, Maryam; Karbasian, Mahdi
2019 Pre-positioning and dynamic operations planning in pre- and post-disaster phases with lateral transhipment under uncertainty and disruptionDoodman, Mansour; Shokr, Iman; Bozorgi-Amiri, Ali; Jolai, Fariborz
2019 Role of batch size in scheduling optimization of flexible manufacturing system using genetic algorithmAkhtar, Muhammad Umair; Raza, Muhammad Huzaifa; Shafiq, Muhammad
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 355