Journal of Industrial Engineering International

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 A single-vendor and a single-buyer integrated inventory model with ordering cost reduction dependent on lead timeVijayashree, M.; Uthayakumar, R.
2017 Interval MULTIMOORA method with target values of attributes based on interval distance and preference degree: biomaterials selectionHafezalkotob, Arian; Hafezalkotob, Ashkan
2017 A multi-objective model for closed-loop supply chain optimization and efficient supplier selection in a competitive environment considering quantity discount policyRezaee, Mustafa Jahangoshai; Yousefi, Samuel; Hayati, Jamileh
2017 Optimal pricing and replenishment policies for instantaneous deteriorating items with backlogging and trade credit under inflationRajan, R. Sundara; Uthayakumar, R.
2017 Solving a bi-objective location routing problem by a NSGA-II combined with clustering approach: application in waste collection problemRabbani, Masoud; Farrokhi-Asl, Hamed; Asgarian, Bahare
2017 Optimisation of assembly scheduling in VCIM systems using genetic algorithmDao, Son Duy; Abhary, Kazem; Marian, Romeo
2017 Optimal design of supply chain network under uncertainty environment using hybrid analytical and simulation modeling approachChiadamrong, N.; Piyathanavong, V.
2017 An economic production model for deteriorating items and time dependent demand with rework and multiple production setupsUthayakumar, R.; Tharani, S.
2017 Monitoring the censored lognormal reliability data in a three-stage process using AFT modelGoodarzi, Azam; Amiri, Amirhossein; Asadzadeh, Shervin
2017 Economic order quantity with partial backordering and sampling inspectionTaleizadeh, Ata Allah; Dehkordi, Negin Zamani
2017 Analysis of two production inventory systems with buffer, retrials and different production ratesJose, K. P.; Nair, Salini S.
2017 An optimal policy for deteriorating items with time-proportional deterioration rate and constant and time-dependent linear demand rateSingh, Trailokyanath; Mishra, Pandit Jagatananda; Pattanayak, Hadibandhu
2017 Determining production level under uncertainty using fuzzy simulation and bootstrap technique, a case studyHamidi, Mohammadreza; Shahanaghi, Kamran; Jabbarzadeh, Armin; Jahani, Ehsan; Pousti, Zahra
2017 Optimal ordering quantities for substitutable deteriorating items under joint replenishment with cost of substitutionMishra, Vinod Kumar
2017 Scenario-based modeling for multiple allocation hub location problem under disruption risk: multiple cuts Benders decomposition approachYahyaei, Mohsen; Bashiri, Mahdi
2017 Information sharing systems and teamwork between sub-teams: a mathematical modeling perspectiveTohidi, Hamid; Namdari, Alireza; Keyser, Thomas K.; Drzymalski, Julie
2017 Accelerated decomposition techniques for large discounted Markov decision processesLarach, Abdelhadi; Chafik, S.; Daoui, C.
2017 Comparison between four dissimilar solar panel configurationsSuleiman, K.; Yusuf, U. A. Ali Ibrahim; Koko, A. D.; Bala, S. I.
2017 Development of an evolutionary fuzzy expert system for estimating future behavior of stock priceMehmanpazir, Farhad; Asadi, Shahrokh
2017 Mathematical modeling and fuzzy availability analysis for serial processes in the crystallization system of a sugar plantAggarwal, Anil Kr.; Kumar, Sanjeev; Singh, Vikram
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 224