Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, University of Zurich

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Bilateral trade with loss-averse agentsBenkert, Jean-Michel
2015 On the origin of r-concavity and related conceptsBalogh, Tamás L.; Ewerhart, Christian
2015 Rent-seeking games and the all-pay auctionEwerhart, Christian
2015 Game form misconceptions are not necessary for a willingness-to-pay vs. willingness-to-accept gapBartling, Björn; Engl, Florian; Weber, Roberto
2015 The role of bounded rationality and imperfect information in subgame perfect implementation: An empirical investigationAghion, Philippe; Fehr, Ernst; Holden, Richard; Wilkening, Tom
2015 Informational requirements of nudgingBenkert, Jean-Michel; Netzer, Nick
2015 Bad boys: How criminal identity salience affects rule violationCohn, Alain; Maréchal, Michel André; Noll, Thomas
2015 Pivotality and responsibility attribution in sequential votingBartling, Björn; Fischbacher, Urs; Schudy, Simeon
2015 Turning a blind eye, but not the other cheek: On the robustness of costly punishmentKriss, Peter H.; Weber, Roberto A.; Xiao, Erte
2015 Contest success functions: The common-pool perspectiveEwerhart, Christian
2015 Voting with public informationLiu, Shuo
2015 Debt into growth: How sovereign debt accelerated the first industrial revolutionVentura, Jaume; Voth, Hans-Joachim
2015 Asymmetric information and imperfect competition in lending marketsCrawford, Gregory S.; Pavanini, Nicola; Schivardi, Fabiano
2015 Central bank purchases of government bondsHuber, Samuel; Kim, Jaehong
2015 Explaining structural change towards and within the financial sectorFalkinger, Josef; Studer, Sabrina; Zhao, Yingnan
2015 Pledges of commitment and cooperation in partnershipsDeer, Lachlan; Bayer, Ralph-C.
2015 Limited commitment and the demand for money in the UKBerentsen, Aleksander; Huber, Samuel; Marchesiani, Alessandro
2015 Monetary policy with asset-backed moneyAndolfatto, David; Berentsen, Aleksander; Waller, Christopher
2015 The economics of television and online video marketsCrawford, Gregory S.
2015 Job history, work attitude, and employabilityCohn, Alain; Maréchal, Michel André; Schneider, Frédéric; Weber, Roberto A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 238