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Dries, Liesbeth
Ciaian, Pavel
Kancs, d'Artis
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LICOS Discussion Paper 315
This is the first paper to study job creation and destruction in EU agriculture. We disaggregate gross employment patterns and net job flows into detailed intra-sectoral labour adjustment dynamics based on a unique EU-wide firm level panel dataset for 1990-2005. We find that: (1) job creation and destruction rates in EU agriculture are comparable to other sectors; (2) there is some evidence of ongoing substitution of family labour for hired labour (3) there are important differences in job creation and destruction rates between different Member States; (4) these differences can be attributed to structural differences across countries, sectors and firm types; (5) time variation of job reallocation fluctuates countercyclically; (6) idiosyncratic effects are the main driver of time variance in job reallocation.
Job creation
job destruction
labour adjustment in agriculture
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Working Paper

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