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Klumpp, Matthias
Krol, Bianca
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ild Schriftenreihe Logistikforschung 15
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Economic expectations towards education are rising due to the importance of knowledge production as well as knowledge transfer in the knowledge society. Blueprint for this change is the measurement and accountability approach connected to the output orientation demanded by the European Qualifications Framework: Regardless of institution and input factors such as teaching hours and infrastructure education processes are deemed to be responsible and even to be evaluated according to the outcome in terms of personal qualifications gained. This development is closely connected and interpreted by the measurement concept of Berufswertigkeit, developed since 2006 in Germany in order to allow for an objective competence measurement based on professional work requirements organisations typically expect their employees to have. This concept is revisited and applied to the specific industry of logistics in order to allow for a sound industry qualification survey to be conducted in 2011. Results from this survey are expected to help establish an industry qualifications framework for logistics with the objective to facilitate education and especially continuing education in small and medium sized enterprises in Europe.
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Working Paper

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