BGPE Discussion Paper Series, Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

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2015 Moving to an earnings-related parental leave system: Do heterogeneous effects on parents make some children worse off?Huber, Katrin
2015 Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from GermanyDauth, Wolfgang; Schmerer, Hans-Joerg; Winkler, Erwin
2015 What drives the reversal of the gender education gap? Evidence from GermanyRiphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2015 Birth order and health of newborns: What can we learn from Danish registry data?Brenøe, Anne Ardila; Molitor, Ramona
2014 Task trade and the employment pattern: The offshoring and onshoring of Brazilian firmsEhrl, Philipp
2014 High-wage workers and high-productivity firms: A regional view on matching in GermanyEhrl, Philipp
2014 Matrix Box-Cox models for multivariate realized volatilityWeigand, Roland
2014 Post reunification economic fluctuations in Germany: A real business cycle interpretationFlor, Michael A.
2014 The levelling effect of product market competition on gender wage discriminationHirsch, Boris; Oberfichtner, Michael; Schnabel, Claus
2014 An employment guarantee at risk insurance? Assessing the effects of the NREGS on agricultural production decisionsGehrke, Esther
2014 State-level heterogeneity in returns to secondary schooling in West GermanyMaeder, Miriam
2014 A breakdown of residual wage inequality in GermanyEhrl, Philipp
2014 Earnings-related parental leave benefits and subjective well-being of young mothers: Evidence from a German parental leave reformMaeder, Miriam
2014 Skills, tasks and the scarcity of talent in a global economyKoch, Michael
2014 Using the life satisfaction approach to value daylight savings time transitions: Evidence from Britain and GermanyKuehnle, Daniel; Wunder, Christoph
2014 Intergenerational transmission of unemployment: Evidence for German sonsMäder, Miriam; Müller, Steffen; Riphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2014 Searching for the FED's reaction functionWoelfel, Katrin; Weber, Christoph S.
2014 Paternal unemployment during childhood: Causal effects on youth worklessness and educational attainmentMueller, Steffen; Riphahn, Regina T.; Schwientek, Caroline
2013 The multivariate option iPoD framework: Assessing systemic financial riskMatros, Philipp; Vilsmeier, Johannes
2013 Parental leave benefit and differential fertility responses: Evidence from a German reformCygan-Rehm, Kamila
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161