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2021 Health of elderly parents, their children's labor supply, and the role of migrant care workersFrimmel, Wolfgang; Halla, Martin; Paetzold, Jörg; Schmieder, Julia
2021 Minimum legal drinking age and the social gradient in binge drinkingAhammer, Alexander; Bauernschuster, Stefan; Halla, Martin; Lachenmaier, Hannah
2021 How to measure product differentiationHackl, Franz; Hölzl-Leitner, Michael; Pennerstorfer, Dieter
2021 Optimal targeting in fundraising: A machine-learning approachCagala, Tobias; Glogowsky, Ulrich; Rincke, Johannes; Strittmatter, Anthony
2021 Modeling inter-regional patient mobility: Does distance go far enough?Irlacher, Michael; Pennerstorfer, Dieter; Renner, Anna-Theresa; Unger, Florian
2021 Pay Transparency under Subjective Performance EvaluationFahn, Matthias; Zanarone, Giorgio
2021 Ease on the cannons, tighten on the trumpets: Geopolitical risk and the transmission of monetary policy shocksGüntner, Jochen; Henßler, Johannes
2021 Looking into the black box of "medical progress": Rising health expenditures by illness type and ageBreyer, Friedrich; Lorenz, Normann; Pruckner, Gerald J.; Schober, Thomas
2021 The Austrian pay transparency law and the gender wage gapBöheim, René; Gust, Sarah
2021 Mismatch unemployment in Austria: The role of regional labour markets for skillsBöheim, René; Christl, Michael
2021 Paying adolescents for health screenings worksHalla, Martin; Pruckner, Gerald J.; Schober, Thomas
2021 Complexities of health and acceptance of electronic health records for the Austrian elderly populationHalmdienst, Nicole; Pruckner, Gerald J.; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2021 Manufacturer carterls and resale price maintenanceHunold, Matthias; Muthers, Johannes
2021 The intergenerational transmission of opioid dependence: Evidence from administrative dataAhammer, Alexander; Halla, Martin
2021 Informal incentives, labor supply, and the effect of immigration on wagesFahn, Matthias; Murooka, Takeshi
2021 Converting variables between non-hierarchical regions: The case of Austrian municipalities and ZIP-code areasPennerstorfer, Dieter
2021 Mothers' job search after childbirthLafférs, Lukás; Schmidpeter, Bernhard
2021 Opportunism problems of colluding manufacturersGrieselmann, Jana; Hunold, Matthias; Muthers, Johannes; Rasch, Alexander
2021 Presenteeism when employers are under pressure: Evidence from a high-stakes environmentLackner, Mario; Sonnabend, Hendrik
2021 Covid-19 and the forces behind social unrestLackner, Mario; Sunde, Uwe; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 389