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Ochieng, Cosmas Milton Obote
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Issue Paper: ICTSD EPAs and Regionalism Series 2
This issue paper, titled 'Legal and Systemic Contested issues in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and WTO Rules: Which Way Now?', and written by Dr Cosmas Milton Obote O'chieng, is a contribution to this process. The paper provides a legal analysis of some systemic issues regarding the relationship between the WTO and EPAs. Some of these issues include the following: The application of the Most Favourable Nation Clause, Article XXIV of GATT and its relationship with EPAs - The effects of the 'standstill' clause on bound or applied tariff rates applied to ACP countries by WTO members - The political and legal effects of the 'Non-Execution Clause' in EPAs - The articulation of the dispute settlement mechanisms of EPAs and their interactions with the WTO one. - The paper concludes with a series of legal recommendations that could be useful to all stakeholders in understanding the stakes involved in the EPA negotiations.
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Research Report

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