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Ploeg, Jenny
Denton, Margaret
Tindale, Joseph
Hutchison, Brian
Brazil, Kevin
Akhtar-Danesh, Noori
Lillie, Jean
Millen Plenderleith, Jennifer
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QSEP Research Report, McMaster University 441
The article examines where older adults seek help in caring for a parent with dementia and the factors associated with their identification of community health and support services as sources of assistance. The authors conducted telephone interviews, using random digit dialing, of 1,152 adults aged 50 and over in the city of Hamilton. Respondents received a vignette that raised issues related to parental dementia. In identifying support sources, over 37 per cent of respondents identified their physician, 33 per cent identified informal support such as family and neighbors, and 31 per cent identified home health services. Only 18 per cent identified community support services. Female participants having higher levels of education were more likely to identify their physician as a source of support. Knowing where to find information about community support services was associated with an increased likelihood of mentioning physicians and home health services as sources of assistance.
community support services
vignette methodology
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Working Paper
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