ISER Working Paper Series, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 The income-health gradient: Evidence from self-reported health and biomarkers using longitudinal data on incomeDavillas, Apostolos; Jones, Andrew M.; Benzeval, Michaela
2017 Interviewer effects and the measurement of financial literacyCrossley, Thomas F.; Schmidt, Tobias; Tzamourani, Panagiota; Winter, Joachim K.
2017 Income effects on children's life satisfaction: Longitudinal evidence for EnglandKnies, Gundi
2017 Lone parents, time-limited in-work credits and the dynamics of work and welfareBrewer, Mike; Cribb, Jonathan
2017 Completing web surveys on mobile devices: Does screen size affect data quality?Wenz, Alexander
2017 Urban water disinfection and mortality decline in developing countriesBhalotra, Sonia; Diaz-Cayeros, Alberto; Miller, Grant; Miranda, Alfonso; Venkataramani, Atheendar S.
2016 Does universalization of health work? Evidence from health systems restructuring and maternal and child health in BrazilBhalotra, Sonia R.; Rocha, Rudi; Soares, Rodigo R.
2016 Pareto models, top incomes, and recent trends in UK income inequalityJenkins, Stephen P.
2016 Survey-based cross-country comparisons where countries vary in sample design: Issues and solutionsKaminska, Olena; Lynn, Peter
2016 Intended vs. unintended consequences of migration restriction policies: Evidence from a natural experiment in IndonesiaMakovec, Mattia; Purnamasari, Ririn; Sandi, Matteo; Savitri, Astrid
2016 Retirement and cognitive abilitiesTumino, Alberto
2016 What has been happening to UK income inequality since the mid-1990s? Answers from reconciled and combined household survey and tax return dataBurkhauser, Richard V.; Hérault, Nicolas; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Wilkins, Roger
2016 Copula-based modelling of self-reported health states: An application to the use of EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L in evaluating drug therapies for rheumatic diseaseHernandez-Alava, Monica; Pudney, Stephen
2016 Concordance of health states in couples: Analysis of self-reported, nurse administered and blood-based biomarker data in understanding societyDavillas, Apostolos; Pudney, Stephen E.
2016 Does repeated measurement improve income data quality?Fisher, Paul
2016 Labour market disadvantage of ethnic minority British graduates: University choice, parental background or neighbourhood?Zwysen, Wouter; Longhi, Simonetta
2016 Do parents tax their children? Teenage labour supply and financial supportHolford, Angus
2016 In or out? Poverty dynamics among older individuals in the UKKanabar, Ricky
2016 The price of sharing: Support for universal and equal access to health care in diversifying neighborhoodsNeundorf, Anja; Cavaille, Charlotte
2016 Non-standard work: What's it worth? Comparing alternative measures of workers' marginal willingness to payGeraci, Andrea; Bryan, Mark L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 571