ISER Working Paper Series, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex

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2021 Bad economy, good teachers? The countercyclicality of enrolment Into Initial Teacher Training Programmes in the UKFullard, Joshua
2021 Peer groups, social support, and well-being: Evidence from a large online maternity communityJiang, Lingqing; Zhu, Zhen
2021 Intergenerational wealth transmission in Great BritainGregg, Paul; Kanabar, Ricky
2021 Methodological lessons from the pilot longitudinal survey on debt adviceBosch, Oriol; Lynn, Peter
2021 The effect of formal debt advice on financial management and knowledge: Insights from a new longitudinal study in BritainFumagalli, Laura; Lynn, Peter; Muñoz-Bugarin, Jair
2021 Investigating the role of debt advice on borrowers' well-being: An encouragement study on a new sample of over-indebted people in BritainFumagalli, Laura; Lynn, Peter; Muñoz-Bugarin, Jair
2021 Weather, psychological wellbeing and mobility during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemicBurdett, Ashley; Davillas, Apostolos; Etheridge, Ben
2021 Occupation flexibility and the graduate gender wage gap in the UKBenny, Liza; Bhalotra, Sonia R.; Fernández, Manuel
2021 Relative wages and pupil performance, evidence from TIMSSFullard, Joshua
2020 The gender gap in mental well-being during the Covid-19 outbreak: Evidence from the UKEtheridge, Ben; Spantig, Lisa
2020 The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on inequality of opportunity in psychological distress in the UKDavillas, Apostolos; Jones, Andrew M.
2020 Maternal investments in children: The role of expected effort and returnsBhalotra, Sonia R.; Delavande, Adeline; Gilabert, Paulino Font; Maselko, Joanna
2020 Neighbourhood deprivation, life satisfaction and earnings: Comparative analyses of neighbourhood effects at bespoke scalesKnies, Gundi; Melo, Patricia C.; Zhang, Min
2020 Inequalities in home learning and schools' provision of distance teaching during school closure of COVID-19 lockdown in the UKBayrakdar, Sait; Guveli, Ayse
2020 Biomarkers, disability and health care demandDavillas, Apostolos; Pudney, Stephen E.
2020 What determines the capital share over the long run of history?Bengtsson, Erik; Rubolino, Enrico; Waldenström, Daniel
2020 Who benefits from host country skills? Evidence of heterogeneous labour market returns to host country skills by migrant motivationZwysen, Wouter; Demireva, Neli
2020 The impact of a personalised blood pressure warning on health outcomes and behavioursBhalotra, Sonia R.; Delavande, Adeline; Fisher, Paul; James, Jonathan G.
2020 Weather affects mobility but not mental well-being during lockdownBurdett, Ashley; Etheridge, Ben; Spantig, Lisa
2020 MPCs through COVID: Spending, saving and private transfersCrossley, Thomas F.; Levell, Peter; Low, Hamish; Fisher, Paul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 631