CREDIT Research Papers, The University of Nottingham

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Taxation and indigenous institutions in sub-Saharan AfricaTorrance, Samantha; Morrissey, Oliver
2014 Global imbalances and the external solvency of nationsBleaney, Michael; Tian, Mo
2014 Fiscal effects of aid in Ethiopia: Evidence from CVAR applicationsMascagni, Giulia; Timmis, Emilija
2014 Why pay NGOs to involve the community?Burger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2014 Households' characteristics and the modes of remittances in BangladeshChowdhury, Mehdi
2013 "I know my rights, but am I better off?": Institutions and disability in UgandaOwens, Trudy; Torrance, Samantha
2013 Indigenous origins of institutions in sub-Saharan AfricaTorrance, Samantha
2013 The effects of the intensity, timing, and persistence of personal history of mobility on support for redistributionDabalen, Andrew; Parinduri, Rasyad; Paul, Saumik
2013 Economic crisis and female entrepreneurship: Evidence from countries in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPaul, Saumik; Sarma, Vengadeshvaran
2013 Labour market entry and earnings: Evidence from Tanzanian retrospective dataBridges, Sarah; Fox, Louise; Gaggero, Alessio; Owens, Trudy
2013 Net foreign assets, real exchange rates and net exports revisitedBleaney, Michael; Tian, Mo
2013 Determinants of urban worker earnings in Ghana and Tanzania: The role of educationTwumasi Baffour, Priscilla
2013 Selection into employment sectors in urban Ghana and TanzaniaTwumasi Baffour, Priscilla
2013 Special Economic Zones and agriculture with increasing returnsMukherjee, Soumyatanu
2013 The livelihood effects of industrialization on displaced households: Evidence from Falta Special Economic ZonePaul, Saumik; Sarma, Vengadeshvaran
2012 Determinants of educational attainment in MENABadr, Menshawy; Morrissey, Oliver; Appleton, Simon
2012 How do donors allocate funds to NGOs? Evidence from UgandaBougheas, Spiros; Isopi, Alessia; Owens, Trudy
2012 Using observable trade data to measure bilateral trade costs in sub-Saharan AfricaTurkson, Festus Ebo
2012 Origins of the Sicilian mafia: The market for lemonsDimico, Arcangelo; Isopi, Alessia; Olsson, Ola
2012 Effect of conflict on dietary energy supply: Evidence from Cote d'IvoireDabalen, Andrew L.; Paul, Saumik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 242