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2022 Statistical uncertainty in the ranking of journals and universitiesMogstad, Magne; Romano, Joseph P.; Shaikh, Azeem M.; Wilhelm, Daniel
2022 Analytic and bootstrap-after-cross-validation methods for selecting penalty parameters of high-dimensional M-estimatorsChetverikov, Denis N.; Sørensen, Jesper R.-V.
2022 Time-varying linear transformation models with fixed effects and endogeneity for short panelsBotosaru, Irene; Muris, Chris; Sokullu, Senay
2022 Improved tests for mediationHillier, Grant H.; van Garderen, Kees Jan; van Giersbergen, Noud P. A.
2022 When promising interventions fail: Personalized coaching for teachers in a middle-income countryCarneiro, Pedro; Cruz Aguayo, Yyannú; Intriago, Ruthy; Ponce, Juan; Schady, Norbert Rüdiger; Schodt, Sarah
2022 A simple four-moment approximation to the distribution of a positive definite quadratic form, with applications to testingHillier, Grant H.; O'Brien, Raymond J.
2022 Revisiting event study designs: Robust and efficient estimationBorusyak, Kirill; Jaravel, Xavier; Spiess, Jann
2022 Inference for ranks with applications to mobility across neighborhoods and academic achievement across countriesMogstad, Magne; Romano, Joseph P.; Shaikh, Azeem M.; Wilhelm, Daniel
2022 Dynamic heterogeneous distribution regression panel models, with an application to labor income processesFernández-Val, Iván; Gao, Wayne Yuan; Liao, Yuan; Vella, Francis
2022 Policy choice in time series by empirical welfare maximizationKitagawa, Toru; Wang, Weining; Xu, Mengshan
2022 An optimal test for strategic interaction in social and economic network formation between heterogeneous agentsPelican, Andrin; Graham, Bryan S.
2022 Simple estimation of semiparametric models with measurement errorsEvdokimov, Kirill S.; Zeleneev, Andrei
2022 Narrative restrictions and proxiesGiacomini, Raffaella; Kitagawa, Toru; Read, Matthew
2021 Who should get vaccinated? Individualized allocation of vaccines over SIR networkKitagawa, Toru; Wang, Guanyi
2021 Inference on a distribution from noisy drawsJochmans, Koen; Weidner, Martin
2021 Deep learning for individual heterogeneity: An automatic inference frameworkFarrell, Max H.; Liang, Tengyuan; Misra, Sanjog
2021 Inference in ordered response games with complete informationAradillas-Lopez, Andres; Rosen, Adam M.
2021 A discrete choice model for partially ordered alternativesAristodemou, Eleni; Rosen, Adam M.
2021 Minimax semiparametric learning with approximate sparsityBradic, Jelena; Chernozhukov, Victor; Newey, Whitney K.; Zhu, Yinchu
2021 Vaccination strategies and transmission of COVID-19: Evidence across leading countriesKim, Dongwoo; Lee, Young Jun
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 931