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2021 Adversarial estimation of Riesz representersChernozhukov, Victor; Newey, Whitney K.; Singh, Rahul; Syrgkanis, Vasilis
2021 The association of opening K-12 schools and colleges with the spread of COVID-19 in the United States: Country-level panel data analysisChernozhukov, Victor; Kasahara, Hiroyuki; Shrimpf, Paul
2021 Hedonic prices and quality adjusted price indices powered by AIBajari, Patrick L.; Cen, Zhihao; Chernozhukov, Victor; Manukonda, Manoj; Wang, Jin; Huerta, Ramon; Li, Junbo; Leng, Ling; Monokroussos, George; Vijaykunar, Suhas; Wan, Shan
2021 Permutation tests for equality of distributions of functional dataBugni, Federico A.; Horowitz, Joel
2021 A note on global identification in structural vector autoregressionsBacchiocchi, Emanuele; Kitagawa, Toru
2021 Nearly optimal central limit theorem and bootstrap approximations in high dimensionsChernozhukov, Victor; éCetverikov, Denis N.; Koike, Yuta
2021 Low-rank approximations of nonseparable panel modelsFernández-Val, Iván; Freeman, Hugo; Weidner, Martin
2021 Minimax risk and uniform convergence rates for nonparametric dyadic regressionGraham, Bryan S.; Niu, Fengshi; Powell, James
2021 Household sorting in an ancient settingGupta, Abhimanyu; Halket, Jonathan
2021 Counterfactual worldsChesher, Andrew; Rosen, Adam M.
2021 Bias and consistency in three-way gravity modelsWeidner, Martin; Zylkin, Thomas
2021 Testing identifying assumptions in fuzzy regression discontinuity designsArai, Yoichi; Hsu, Yu-Chin; Kitagawa, Toru; Mourifié, Ismael; Wan, Yuanyuan
2021 Measurement systemsSchennach, Susanne M.
2021 The role of schools in transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: Quasi-experimental evidence from GermanyClara von Bismarck-Osten; Borusyak, Kirill; Schönberg, Uta
2021 Sensitivity to calibrated parametersJørgensen, Thomas H.
2021 Inference for ranks with applications to mobility across neighborhoods and academic achievement across countriesMogstad, Magne; Romano, Joseph P.; Shaikh, Azeem M.; Wilhelm, Daniel
2021 Revealed price preference: Theory and empirical analysisDeb, Rahul; Kitamura, Yuichi; Quah, John K.-H.; Stoye, Jörg
2021 Layered policy analysis program evaluation using the marginal treatment effectMourifié, Ismael; Wan, Yuanyuan
2021 Inference in ordered response games with complete informationAradillas-Lopez, Andres; Rosen, Adam M.
2021 Analytic and bootstrap-after-cross-validation methods for selecting penalty parameters of highdimensional M-estimatorséCetverikov, Denis N.; Sørensen, Jesper R-V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 914