Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Flexible retirement and optimal taxationN'Diaye, Abdoulaye E.
2018 The Neapolitan banks in the context of early modern public banksVelde, François R.
2018 Delphic and Odyssean monetary policy shocks: Evidence from the euro areaAndrade, Philippe; Ferroni, Filippo
2018 Fiscal stimulus with learning-by-doingD'Alessandro, Antonello; Fella, Giulio; Melosi, Leonardo
2018 Discretion rather than rules: Equilibrium uniqueness and forward guidance with inconsistent optimal plansCampbell, Jeffrey R.; Weber, Jacob P.
2018 Why does the yield-curve slope predict recessions?Benzoni, Luca; Chyruk, Olena; Kelley, David
2017 An analysis of revenues at the Comédie française, 1680-1793Velde, François R.
2017 The fiscal theory of the price level in a world of low interest ratesBassetto, Marco; Cui, Wei
2017 A tale of four tails: Inflation, the policy rate, longer-term rates, and stock pricesAnene, Dominic; D'Amico, Stefania
2017 Estimating the tax and credit-event risk components of credit spreadsBenzoni, Luca; Goldstein, Robert S.
2017 The age-time-cohort problem and the identification of structural parameters in life-cycle modelsSchulhofer-Wohl, Sam
2017 The dire effects of the lack of monetary and fiscal coordinationBianchi, Francesco; Melosi, Leonardo
2017 The cross-section of labor leverage and equity returnsDonangelo, Andres; Gourio, François; Kehrig, Matthias; Palacios, Miguel
2017 The tradeoffs in leaning against the windGourio, François; Kashyap, Anil K.; Sim, Jae W.
2017 Selecting primal innovations in DSGE modelsFerroni, Filippo; Grassi, Stefano; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2017 The mortgage rate conundrumJustiniano, Alejandro; Primiceri, Giorgio E.; Tambalotti, Andrea
2017 Financialization in commodity marketsChari, Varadarajan V.; Christiano, Lawrence J.
2017 On interest rate policy and asset bubblesAllen, Franklin; Barlevy, Gadi; Gale, Douglas
2017 Inflation at the household levelKaplan, Greg; Schulhofer-Wohl, Sam
2017 The effect of fertility on mothers' labor supply over the last two centuriesAaronson, Daniel; Dehejia, Rajeev H.; Jordan, Andrew; Pop-Eleches, Christian; Samii, Cyrus; Schulze, Karl
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 257