Upjohn Institute Working Papers, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

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2022 The Great Migration and educational opportunityBaran, Cavit; Chyn, Eric; Stuart, Bryan A.
2022 Monopsony in the U.S. labor marketYeh, Chen; Macaluso, Claudia; Hershbein, Brad
2022 Keep me in, coach: The short- and long-term effects of targeted academic coachingCanaan, Serena; Fischer, Stefanie; Mouganie, Pierre; Schnorr, Geoffrey C.
2022 Firms and unemployment insurance take-upLachowska, Marta; Sorkin, Isaace; Woodbury, Stephen A.
2022 Common ownership in labor marketsAzar, José; Qiu, Yue; Sojourner, Aaron
2022 Promise program design for equity outcomes: A landscape surveyMiller-Adams, Michelle; McMullen, Isabel
2022 Why aren't people leaving Janesville? Industry persistence, trade shocks, and mobilityOttinger, Sebastian; Poyker, Michael
2022 Wage posting or wage bargaining? A test using dual jobholdersLachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Saggio, Raffaele; Woodbury, Stephen A.
2022 Place-based consequences of person-based transfers: Evidence from recessionsHershbein, Brad; Stuart, Bryan A.
2022 How reliable are administrative reports of paid work hours?Lachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Woodbury, Stephen A.
2022 Pell grants and labor supply: Evidence from a regression kinkKofoed, Michael S.
2022 Non-disclosure agreements and externalities from silenceSockin, Jason; Sojourner, Aaron; Starr, Evan
2021 Labor market consequences of antitax avoidance policiesBilicka, Katarzyna
2021 Isolated States of America: The impact of state borders on mobility and regional labor market adjustmentsWilson, Riley
2021 General equilibrium of insurance expansions: Evidence from long-term care labor marketsHackmann, Martin B.; Heining, Jörg; Klimke, Roman; Polakova, Maria; Seibert, Holger
2021 The dynamics of referral hiring and racial inequality: Evidence from BrazilMiller, Conrad; Schmutte, Ian
2021 When labor enforcement and immigration enforcement collide: Deterring worker complaints worsens workplace safetyGrittner, Amanda Melina; Johnson, Matthew S.
2021 Black suburbanization and the evolution of spatial inequality since 1970Bartik, Alexander W.; Mast, Evan
2021 How does the elimination of state aid to for-profit colleges affect enrollment? Evidence from California's reformsGurantz, Oded; Sakoda, Ryan; Sarkar, Shayak
2021 Trade and informality in the presence of labor market frictions and regulationsCarneiro, Rafael Dix; Goldberg, Pinelopi K.; Meghir, Costas; Ulyssea, Gabriel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 367