ARTNeT Working Paper Series, Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade

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2019 Tariff liberalization in the RCEP trade agreement and impact on India's automobile industry: An applied general equilibrium analysisNarayanan, Badri G.; Sen, Rahul; Srivastava, Sadhana
2019 The impact of odd-even transportation policy and other factors on pollution in Delhi: A spatial and RDD analysisMathur, Somesh K.; Murali Prasad, Panta; Kulshreshtha, Praveen; Khorana, Sangeeta; Chauhan, Manish
2018 South-south cooperation in the era of global value chains: What can China offer?Yao, Shunli
2018 WTO+ commitments on services in Asian PTAs: The role of regulatory homogeneity and goods trade complementarityShingal, Anirudh; Ro, Martin; Sauvé, Pierre
2018 Corruption and the business environment in Viet Nam: An exploratory surveyMaruichi, Daisuke; Abe, Masato
2018 Impact of implementation of digital trade facilitation on trade costsDuval, Yann; Utoktham, Chorthip; Kravchenko, Alexey
2018 Is world trade becoming more regionalised?Lloyd, Peter J.; Mikic, Mia; Jacob, Arun; Kravchenko, Alexey; Visetsilpanon, Pakkaporn; Markschlaeger, Franzisca
2018 Export restrictions and policy space for sustainable development: Lessons from trends in the regulation of export restrictions (2012-2016)Jiang, Fengan
2018 Trade liberalisation and poverty: Evidence from ThailandDurongkaveroj, Wannaphong; Ryu, Taehyun
2018 What does RCEP mean for insiders and outsiders? The experience of India and Sri LankaWignaraja, Ganeshan
2017 Regional trade agreements and cross-border trade costs: The case of Pacific island countriesAzapmo, Jean Bertrand
2017 Sustainable development impact of trade and investment liberalization in Asia and the PacificNarayanan, Badri G.; Duval, Yann; Kravchenko, Alexey; Wadhwa, Deepika
2017 Join hands or walk alone? Evidence on lobbying for trade policy in IndiaSaha, Amrita
2017 On the economic impact of FDI and trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific region: A structural quantitative analysisLarch, Mario; Yotov, Yoto V.
2017 International trade law perspectives on paperless trade and inclusive digital tradeMitchell, Andrew D.; Mishra, Neha
2017 Trade and trade facilitation along the Belt and Road Initiative corridorsRamasamy, Bala; Yeung, Matthew; Utoktham, Chorthip; Duval, Yann
2017 Policy landscape of trade in environmental goods and servicesJacob, Arun; Møller, Anders K.
2017 International trade, Internet governance and the shaping of the digital economyMishra, Neha
2017 Myanmar's engagement in regional integration: Status and way forwardDe, Prabir
2016 Asymmetries in international merchandise trade statistics: A case study of selected countries in Asia and the PacificJavorsek, Marko
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 183