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Villaschi, Arlindo
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ETLA Discussion Papers, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA) 783
The paper draws on Freeman, and the Aalborg group’s concept of national system of innovation (NSI) in order to build a framework upon which the author wants analyse of the Finnish system of innovation. Since the concept follows a neo-Schumpeterian approach of examining innovation and economic development, the framework that is outlined here addresses both historical and theoretical questions. Thus, it addresses questions regarding the main features of a system of innovation; the main characteristics of innovation and some alternative taxonomies that have been built for it; the on-going changes in techno-economic paradigm; some relevant aspects of information, knowledge and learning under the ICT techno-economic paradigm; and institutions and social capabilities responses which might be necessary to take place if a NSI is to play an active role in the global innovation processes, The paper also highlights the major elements of each one of the three domains of the FNSI (technological, economic and institutional) which will be taken into consideration in the analysis of the FNSI.
systems of innovation
technical change
technological policy
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Working Paper

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