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Yamamoto, Yoshikazu
Nakano, Junji
Fujiwara, Takeshi
Kobayashi, Ikunori
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SFB 373 Discussion Paper 2001,77
A user interface is one of the most important factor's for deciding the usefulness of a statistical system. Nowadays, a graphical user interface (GUI) is popular because it is easy and intuitive to use. A character user interface (CUI) is, however, still important for using full abilities of the system by writing statistical programs in order to perform complicated statistical analyses which have not been realized in the system. We propose a mixed user interface for utilizing a GUI and a CUI alternatively and seamlessly, and consider its required characteristics. We also explain an implementation of the mixed user interface of the statistical system Jasp (Java based statistical processor), which is written in the Java language and adopts many recently developed computer technologies.
Character user interface
Graphical user interface
History of a data analysis
Object-oriented approach
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Working Paper

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