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2019Diversity and conflictEren Arbath, Cemal; Ashraf, Quamrul H.; Galor, Oded; Klemp, Marc
2019Trust, beliefs and cooperation: An experimentKim, Jeongbin; Putterman, Louis G.; Zhang, Xinyi
2019The nucleolus, the kernel, and the bargaining set: An updateIñarra García, Elena; Serrano, Roberto; Shimomura, Ken-ichi
2019The theory of weak revealed preferenceAguiar, Victor H.; Hjertstrand, Per; Serrano, Roberto
2019Civic engagement as a second-order public good: The cooperative underpinnings of the accountable stateKamei, Kenju; Putterman, Louis; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2019The impact of climate change on fertilityCasey, Gregory; Shayegh, Soheil; Moreno Cruz, Juan; Bunzl, Martin; Galor, Oded; Caldeira, Ken
2019Trigger-happy or precisionist? On demand for monitoring in a noisy social dilemma gameNicklisch, Andreas; Putterman, Louis G.; Thöni, Christian
2019The digital revolution: Lights and shadows: Lecture delivered at Fundación Ramón ArecesSerrano, Roberto
2019The democracy effect: A weights-based identification strategyDal Bó, Pedro; Foster, Andrew D.; Kamei, Kenju
2019Human genealogy reveals a selective advantage to moderate fecundityGalor, Oded; Klemp, Marc P. B.
2018Cardinal revealed preference, price-dependent utility, and consistent binary choiceAguiar, Victor H.; Serrano, Roberto
2018Small informational size and interim cores of large quasilinear economiesKamishiro, Yusuke; Serrano, Roberto
2018Diversity and conflictArbath, Cemal Eren; Ashraf, Quamrul. H.; Galor, Oded; Klemp, Marc P. B.
2018Good enoughBarberà, Salvador; De Clippel, Geoffroy; Neme, Alejandro; Rozen, Kareen
2018The out of Africa hypothesis of comparative economic development: Common misconceptionsAshraf, Quamrul H.; Galor, Oded; Klemp, Marc P. B.
2018Flowers of evil? Industrialization and long run developmentFranck, Raphaël; Galor, Oded
2018Interpersonal diversity and socioeconomic disparities across populations: A reply to Rosenberg and KangAshraf, Quamrul H.; Galor, Oded; Klemp, Marc P. B.
2018Top5itisSerrano, Roberto
2018Geographical origins of language structuresGalor, Oded; Özak, Ömer; Sarid, Assaf
2018Climatic roots of loss aversionGalor, Oded; Savitskiy, Viacheslav
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 326