Discussion Papers, Center for Global Constitutionalism, WZB

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2017 What future for the European Union?Avbelj, Matej
2017 Contextualized cosmopolitanism: Human rights practice in South KoreaShin, Yoon Jin
2016 The concept and conceptions of transnational and global lawAvbelj, Matej
2015 Noncompliance, renegotiation, and justice in international adjudication: A WTO-EU perspectiveShlomo-Agon, Sivan
2015 To whom it may concern: International human rights law and global public goodsAugenstein, Daniel
2015 Human rights as a basis for justice in the European UnionDouglas-Scott, Sionaidh
2015 The function of justification in transnational governanceKjaer, Poul F.
2015 Justice and justification in Europe's "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice"Herlin-Karnell, Ester
2015 EU legitimacy in a realist keyBeetz, Jan Pieter; Rossi, Enzo
2015 The moral limits of EU internal market exchange: Equal respect and capabilitiesTjon Soei Len, Lyn K.L.
2015 Dimensions of justice & justification in EU and transnational contextsHerlin Karnell, Ester; Kjaer, Poul F.
2015 From public reason to multi-layered justiceCrum, Ben
2014 Europe's area of freedom, security and justice through the prism of constitutionalism: Why the EU needs a grammar of justice to improve its legitimacyHerlin-Karnell, Ester
2013 What kind of a constitutional crisis is Europe in and what should be done about it?Kumm, Mattias
2012 State neutralityKis, János
2012 European exceptionalism?Nolte, Georg; Aust, Helmut Philipp
2011 Europe: Political, not cosmopolitanSomek, Alexander
2011 Constitutionalism in an old key: Legality and constituent powerDyzenhaus, David
2011 Islamic actors' support for democracy and European integration: A case for power-seeking?Elbasani, Arolda; Saatçioğlu, Beken
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 19 von 19
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