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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Regional disparities in the United KingdomBachtler, John
2004 Regional specializations in the European spaceRollet, Philippe
2004 Overview about regional inequalities in EuropeDormard, Serge
2004 Regional integration effects of the euro: What is the empirical evidence after the first years?Hallet, Martin
2004 Europe's regions within the currency Union: Risks and opportunitiesRobins, Ian
2004 Enlargement and EU regional policyBachtler, John; Downes, Ruth
2004 Regional welfare effects of the European Monetary UnionBröcker, Johannes
2004 Répercussions territoriales de l'Union Monétaire Européenne: Résumé et conclusions politiquesLammers, Konrad
2004 Spatial implications of the European Monetary Union: Overview and policy conclusionsLammers, Konrad
2004 The poverty and wealth of regions (assumptions, hypotheses, examples)Gorzelak, Grzegorz
2004 Lessons for regional policy from the new economic geography and the endogenous growth theoryKarl, Helmut; Matus Velasco, Ximena Fernanda
2004 Economic development and regional disparities in FranceDormard, Serge
2004 Challenges of the European Union enlargement: A note from the polish perspectiveGorzelak, Grzegorz
2004 The network model and regional policies for European cohesion and integrationCappellin, Riccardo
2003 The future of EU agricultural and rural policy from the perspective of CEE candidate countriesWilkin, Jerzy
2003 The future of the CAP: A discussion about the needs of a shift in instrumentsBlom, Jan C.
2003 Rural development policies and the secon pillar of the common agricultural policySaraceno, Elena
2003 Expectations and challenges: Reasons for re-initiating the discussion on a CAP reformvon Urff, Winfried
2003 Food safety, food quality and the CAPBuckwell, Allan
2003 Greening the CAP: The future of the first pillarSumpsi Viñas, José M.; Buckwell, Allan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24
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