Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 An application of debt Laffer curve: Empirical evidence for Romania's caseTatu, Ştefania
2014 A SWOT analysis of the financial decentralization strategies for the Romanian pre-university educationMiricescu, Emilian-Constantin; Ţâţu, Lucian
2014 The Greek sovereign debt: Are there really any options?Papanikos, Gregory T.
2014 Does military expenditure influence economic growth in Nigeria during 1989 - 2013? A bound testing approachApanisile, Tolulope Olumuyiwa; Okunlola, Charles Olalekan
2014 Can macroeconomic volatility affect stock market volatility? The case of 5 central and eastern European countriesBaroian, Elena
2014 Assessing Fiscal Sustainability for SAARC and IMT-GT CountriesMunawar-Shah, Syed; Abdul-Majid, Mariani; Hussain-Shah, Syed
2014 Fiscal and debt sustainability in a federal structure: The case of Assam in North East IndiaDutta, Parag
2013 The dynamic interaction between monetary and fiscal policies in IndonesiaKuncoro, Haryo; Sebayang, K. Dianta A.
2013 Capital adequacy in the context of markets turmoilVlad, Claudia Ioana; Rada, Ana-Maria; Rada, Andreea-Florentina
2013 Impact of Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenue in major states of IndiaKhan, Mohd. Azam; Shadab, Nagma
2013 Tax and spend, spend and tax, fiscal synchronisation or institutional separation? Examining the case of GreeceRichter, Christian; Dimitrios, Paparas
2013 Composition effects of government expenditure on private consumption and output growth in Nigeria: A single-equation error correction modellingDada, Matthew Abiodun
2013 How to achieve and sustain fiscal discipline in Turkey: Rising Taxes, reducing government spending or a combination of both?Kaya, Ayşe; Şen, Hüseyin
2012 Debt and fiscal responsibility in a federal structure: The case of PakistanTahir, Nadia; Tahir, Pervez
2012 How vulnerable is fiscal policy in Central and Eastern European countries?Stoian, Andreea
2012 Maastricht criteria targeting and credit growth: Empirical evidences for the new EU member statesMoinescu, Bogdan Gabriel
2012 Social contributions in RomaniaGyorgy, Attila
2012 An analysis of Romania's short-run sovereign rating determinantsMiricescu, Emilian Constantin
2012 Some considerations on the challenges to the economic scienceDoroftei, Irina Mădălina
2012 How does economic crisis change the landscape of real convergence for Central and Eastern Europe?Alexe, Ileana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31