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2023 Inflation expectations in the wake of the war in UkraineAfunts, Geghetsik; Cato, Misina; Schmidt, Tobias
2023 Asset allocation with recursive parameter updating and macroeconomic regime identifiersGoodarzi, Milad; Meinerding, Christoph
2023 The rollout of internal credit risk models: Implications for the novel partial-use philosophySchlam, Carina; Woyand, Corinna
2023 Time-varying stock return correlation, news shocks, and business cyclesMetiu, Norbert; Prieto, Esteban
2023 Capital reallocation under climate policy uncertaintyKhalil, Makram; Strobel, Felix
2023 Learning monetary policy strategies at the effective lower bound with sudden surprisesKrane, Spencer David; Melosi, Leonardo; Rottner, Matthias
2023 Effects of the ECB's communication on government bond spreadsCamarero Garcia, Sebastian; Neugebauer, Frederik; Russnak, Jan; Zimmermann, Lilli
2023 Shadow-rate VARsCarriero, Andrea; Clark, Todd E.; Marcellino, Massimiliano; Mertens, Elmar
2023 Monetary policy rules under bounded rationalityDobrew, Michael; Gerke, Rafael; Kienzler, Daniel; Schwemmer, Alexander
2023 Forecasting banknote circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic using structural time series modelsBartzsch, Nikolaus; Brandi, Marco; de Pastor, Raymond; Devigne, Lucas; Maddaloni, Gianluca; Posada Restrepo, Diana; Sene, Gabriele
2023 The pass-through from inflation perceptions to inflation expectationsHuber, Stefanie J.; Minina, Daria; Schmidt, Tobias
2023 The state-dependent impact of changes in bank capital requirementsLang, Jan Hannes; Menno, Dominik
2023 Corporate taxes, productivity, and business dynamismColciago, Andrea; Lewis, Vivien; Matyska, Branka
2023 Make-up strategies with incomplete markets and bounded rationalityDobrew, Michael; Gerke, Rafael; Giesen, Sebastian; Röttger, Joost
2023 Mental accounting and the marginal propensity to consumeBernard, René
2023 Banks of a feather: The informational advantage of being alikeBednarek, Peter; Dinger, Valeriya; Schultz, Alison; von Westernhagen, Natalja
2023 Convenient but risky government bondsKaldorf, Matthias; Röttger, Joost
2023 Pricing the Bund term structure with linear regressions – without an observable short rateSpeck, Christian
2023 On the empirical relevance of the exchange rate as a shock absorber at the zero lower boundFinck, David; Hoffmann, Mathias; Hürtgen, Patrick
2023 Long-term deposit funding and demand for central bank funds: Evidence from targeted longer-term refinancing operationsFudulache, Adina-Elena; Goetz, Martin R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 584
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