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2022 Wealth and subjective well-being in GermanyJantsch, Antje; Le Blanc, Julia; Schmidt, Tobias
2022 Inflation expectations and climate concernMeinerding, Christoph; Poinelli, Andrea; Schüler, Yves
2022 Interest rate shocks, competition and bank liquidity creationKick, Thomas
2022 Existence and uniqueness of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraintsHolden, Tom D.
2022 Cybersecurity and financial stabilityAnand, Kartik; Duley, Chanelle; Gai, Prasanna
2022 Optimal timing of policy interventions in troubled banksKönig, Philipp Johann; Mayer, Paul; Pothier, David
2022 Banks' strategic interaction, adverse price dynamics and systemic liquidity riskKrüger, Ulrich; Roling, Christoph; Silbermann, Leonid; Wong, Lui Hsian
2022 Climate change and individual behaviorBernard, René; Tzamourani, Panagiota; Weber, Michael
2022 The impact of carbon pricing in a multi-region production network model and an application to climate scenariosFrankovic, Ivan
2022 You can't always get what you want (where you want it): Cross-border effects of the US money market fund reformFricke, Daniel; Greppmair, Stefan; Paludkiewicz, Karol
2022 Time-variation in the effects of push and pull factors on portfolio flows: Evidence from a Bayesian dynamic factor modelBettendorf, Timo; Karadimitropoulou, Aikaterini
2022 Calibration alternatives to logistic regression and their potential for transferring the dispersion of discriminatory power into uncertainties of probabilities of defaultWosnitza, Jan Henrik
2022 EU enlargement and (temporary) migration: Effects on labour market outcomes in GermanyHammer, Luisa; Hertweck, Matthias S.
2022 Addressing COVID-19 outliers in BVARs with stochastic volatilityCarriero, Andrea; Clark, Todd E.; Marcellino, Massimiliano; Mertens, Elmar
2021 A note of caution on quantifying banks' recapitalization effectsSchmidt, Kirsten; Noth, Felix; Tonzer, Lena
2021 The leverage effect of bank disclosuresKönig, Philipp Johann; Laux, Christian; Pothier, David
2021 Macroprudential policy and the sovereign-bank nexus in the euro areaHristov, Nikolay; Hülsewig, Oliver; Kolb, Benedikt
2021 Inter-cohort risk sharing with long-term guarantees: Evidence from German participating contractsHombert, Johan; Möhlmann, Axel; Weiß, Matthias
2021 Return differences between DAX ETFs and the benchmark DAXSchmidhammer, Christoph
2021 Decomposing the yield curve with linear regressions and survey informationHalberstadt, Arne
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 521
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