The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance (JEF), Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance (AEF)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Private equity in family firms: Drivers of the willingness to cede controlHenn, Marisa; Lutz, Eva
2016 From founders to firm: Examining the retention of founder-CEO social capital in venture-backed firmsFund, Bret R.
2016 Value added as the tax base for enterprise incomeZafiris, Nicos
2016 Information asymmetry and adverse wealth effects of crowdfundingFiroozi, Fathali; Jalilvand, Abolhassan; Lien, Da-hsiang Donald
2016 On the behavior of entrepreneurial factor supply to the firmZafiris, Nicos
2016 Capital markets financing for agricultural business development in Tanzania: A case of cocoa farming in Kyela and Rungwe districtsMolela, Godfrey Frank
2016 Commercial bank small business lending pre and post crisisJacques, Kevin T.; Moylan, Richard; Nigro, Peter J.
2016 Risk management in the venture capital industry: Managing risk in portfolio companiesProksch, Dorian; Stranz, Wiebke; Pinkwart, Andreas; Schefczyk, Michael
2015 A theory of entrepreneurial overconfidence, effort, and firm outcomesEverett, Craig R.; Fairchild, Richard J.
2015 Strategic planning objectives for venture capitalist investments in emerging information technologies: A value-focused perspectiveCoss, David L.; Dhillon, Gupreet; Udeh, Ifeoma
2015 Pass-through valuationHull, Robert M.; Price, David P.
2015 Determining lack of marketability discounts: Employing an equity collarBarenbaum, Lester; Schubert, Walter; Garcia, Kyle
2013 Operationalizing a Behavioral Finance Risk Model: A Theoretical and Empirical FrameworkYazdipour, Rassoul; Neace, William P.
2013 Bank Loans to Newly Public FirmsShaffer, Sherrill; Sokolyk, Tatyana
2013 SB IPOs and IPO Anomalies: An Empirical Analysis of the Small Firm Uniqueness HypothesisBrau, James C.; Carpenter, C. Troy
2013 A Robust Valuation Model for Entrepreneurial VenturesKedar-Levy, Haim
2012 Trust and the Demand for Personal Collateral in SME - Bank RelationshipsMoro, Andrea; Lucas, Mike R.; Kodwani, Devendra
2012 Multiple-Project Financing with Informed TradingCantale, Salvatore; Lukin, Dmitry
2012 Reassessing the Practical and Theoretical Influence of Entrepreneurship Through AcquisitionHunt, Richard A.; Fund, Bret
2012 Measuring the Effect of Bankruptcy Laws on Entrepreneurship Across CountriesCumming, Douglas J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 241