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Fritz, Wolfgang
Graf, Andrea
Hentze, Joachim
Möllenberg, Antje
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Arbeitspapier No. 03/06
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institut für Marketing, Braunschweig
Regarding to the success of a company acting on foreign markets, an intercultural competent staff has become progressively important. Therefore, management studies have paid an increased empirical attention on Intercultural Competence. The model of Intercultural Sensitivity by Chen and Starosta, which was developed in an US-American version is examined by empirical replication in this paper. An earlier attempt to reproduce this model in Germany has been essentially successful. However, the current replication attempt based on German and US-American data fails. Consequently, the intercultural validity of the Chen/Starosta-Model has become more doubtful, which might be examined closer in future studies.
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Working Paper

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