ADBI Working Paper Series, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 A comparison of global governance across sectors: Global health, trade, and multilateral development financeHelble, Matthias; Ali, Zulfiqar; Lego, Jera
2018 Was higher education a major channel through which the US became an economic superpower in the 20th century?Cook, Adam; Ehrlich, Isaac
2018 Will financial liberalization trigger the first crisis in the People's Republic of China? Lessons from cross-country experiencesGou, Qin; Huang, Yiping
2018 Banking and innovation: A reviewLin, Chen; Liu, Sibo; Wei, Lai
2018 Natural disasters, public spending, and creative destruction: A case study of the PhilippinesJha, Shikha; Martinez, Arturo; Quising, Pilipinas; Ardaniel, Zemma; Wang, Limin
2018 Aggregate emission intensity targets: Applications to the Paris agreementZhao, Jinhua
2018 Green bond experience in the Nordic countriesNassiry, Darius
2018 Fostering green finance for sustainable development in AsiaVolz, Ulrich
2018 The impact of primary school investment reallocation on educational attainment in rural areas of the People's Republic of ChinaHaepp, Tobias; Lyu, Lidan
2018 On the dynamics of small and medium-sized enterprises: Evidence from JapanYamada, Kazuo; El Kalak, Izidin; Takahashi, Hidenori
2018 The financing of local government in the people's republic of China: Stimulus loan wanes and shadow banking waxesChen, Zhuo; He, Zhiguo; Liu, Chun
2018 Social networks and informal financial inclusion in the people's republic of ChinaChai, Shijun; Chen, Yang; Huang, Bihong; Ye, Dezhu
2018 International commodity prices and domestic bank lending in developing countriesAgarwal, Isha; Duttagupta, Rupa; Presbitero, Andrea F.
2018 Sovereign stress, banking stress, and the monetary transmission mechanism in the Euro areaHoltemöller, Oliver; Scherer, Jan-Christopher
2018 Human capital and income inequalityLee, Jong-Wha; Lee, Hanol
2018 Managing financial globalization: A guide for developing countries based on the recent literatureWei, Shang-jin
2018 Shifting towards a consumer-centered economy and the implications for international tradeHelble, Matthias
2018 Catching up in economic transition: Innovation in the People's Republic of China and IndiaFan, Peilei
2018 Aggregate expected investment growth and stock market returnsLi, Jun; Wang, Huijun; Yu, Jianfeng
2018 Effects of US quantitative easing on emerging market economiesBhattarai, Saroj; Chatterjee, Arpita; Park, Woong-yong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 782