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Eymann, Torsten
Ardaiz, Oscar
Chacin, Pablo
Chao, Isaac
Cruellas, Juan Carlos
Freitag, Felix
Medina, Manuel
Navarro, Leandro
Valero, Miguel
Rana, Omer
Joita, Liviu
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Bayreuther Arbeitspapiere zur Wirtschaftsinformatik 5
In this document the Cat-COVITE Application for use in the CATNETS Project is introduced and motivated. Furthermore an introduction to the catallactic middleware and Web Services Agreement (WS-Agreement) concepts is given as a basis for the future work. Requirements for the application of Cat-COVITE with in catallactic systems are analysed. Finally the integration of the Cat-COVITE application and the catallactic middleware is described.
Grid Computing
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Working Paper
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