22nd European Regional ITS Conference, Budapest 2011

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2011 European Regional ITS Conference
Budapest 18-21 September, 2011

"Innovative ICT Applications - Emerging Regulatory, Economic and Policy Issues"

There are hot topics, arisen from the digital convergence and the emerging new e-services and applications based on the convergent technologies, in particularly on the area of smart home and workplace, e-health, intelligent transport, energy-aware green technologies, digital cities. The research on the future of the Internet has become a strategic priority in the developed countries, including the socio-economic, security and regulatory issues. There are challenges from the deployment of new multimedia content and innovative internet applications, including 3D videos, tele-presence applications, multiplayer network gaming, enhanced and virtual world. The recent implementation of the new EU regulatory framework in electronic communications provides great importance for the exchange of the experiences and the discussions aiming at the selection of the best practices.

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2011 The rise of independent administrative authorities in Turkey: A close look on sources, successes and challenges of this new institutional transformationGöktaylar, Yavuz
2011 Convergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors in the East African Community (EAC): Challenges for the current legislative and regulatory frameworks and lessons from the European Union experienceKariuki Nyaga, Joseph
2011 Agame-theoretical approach to network capacity planning under competitionWaldman, Helio; Bortoletto, Rodrigo C.; Pavani, Gustavo S.
2011 Online tracking: Questioning the power of informed consentvan Eijk, N.; Helberger, N.; Kool, L.; van der Plas, A.; van der Sloot, B.
2011 Web crawler research methodologyNemeslaki, András; Pocsarovszky, Károly
2011 Using quality information is analysis - with experimentGalli, Richard
2011 Triple play as a separate market? Empirical findings and consequences to broadband market definitionPápai, Zoltán; Lőrincz, László; Édes, Balázs
2011 Can mobile eco-systems for technical innovations be standardized? The case of mobile wallets and contactless communicationMarkendahl, Jan; Andersson, Per; Mattsson, Lars-Gunnar
2011 Financial requirements for nationwide fibre access coverageJay, Stephan; Plueckebaum, Thomas
2011 Open internet access to CATV networks: experiences from the EUValcke, Peggy; Hou, Liyang; Stevens, David
2011 Case study on the hybrid business model: KT's OTSSong, Minzheong
2011 Broadcasters and radio spectrum: The emergence of a European digital dividend in the United Kingdom and SpainCullell March, Cristina
2011 High correlation between net promoter score and the development of consumers' willingness to pay (Empirical evidence from European mobile markets)Jeanjean, François
2011 Future trends of televisionLudányi, Arnold; Belényesi, Pál
2011 Cloud computing and prospective business and economic impacts in developing country: A case study of ThailandKeesookpuna, Chutipong; Mitomob, Hitoshi
2011 Towards systematic understanding of institutional interests in current agenda items at the world radiocommunication conferenceArd-Paru, Nattawut
2011 A new track for technology: Can ICT take care for healthier lifestyles?Baum, Peter
2011 Unlocking the potential of the smart metering technology: How can regulation level the playing-field for new services in smart grids?Kranz, Johann; Picot, Arnold; Roemer, Benedikt
2011 Business model innovations and ICT based national financial inclusion programs: An Indian case studyJain, Rekha
2011 Understanding the digital divide: A literature survey and ways forwardSrinuan, Chalita; Bohlin, Erik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 76
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