IAAEU Discussion Paper Series in Economics, Institut für Arbeitsrecht und Arbeitsbeziehungen in der Europäischen Union, Trier

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Labor reallocation and demographicsTyrowicz, Joanna; Van der Velde, Lucas
2018 Wage inequality and structural changeTyrowicz, Joanna; Smyk, Magdalena
2018 Identifying age penalty in women's wages: New method and evidence from Germany 1984-2014Tyrowicz, Joanna; Van der Velde, Lucas; van Staveren, Irene
2018 A cautionary note on the reliability of the online survey data: The case of wage indicatorSmyk, Magdalena; Tyrowicz, Joanna; Van der Velde, Lucas
2018 On welfare effects of increasing retirement ageMakarski, Krzysztof; Tyrowicz, Joanna
2018 How (not) to make women work?Goraus-Tanska, Karolina; Tyrowicz, Joanna; Van der Velde, Lucas
2018 Inequality in an OLG economy with heterogeneous cohorts and pension systemsTyrowicz, Joanna; Makarski, Krzysztof; Bielecki, Marcin
2018 Efficiency wages in a cournot-oligopolyDe Pinto, Marco; Goerke, Laszlo
2017 The effect of cigarette taxes during pregnancy on educational outcomes of the next generationSettele, Sonja; van Reyn, Ewijk
2017 Can television reduce xenophobia? The case of East GermanyHornuf, Lars; Rieger, Marc Oliver
2017 The impact of unionization costs when firm-selection mattersde Pinto, Marco; Lingens, Jörg
2017 Young, gifted and lazy? The role of ability and labor market prospects in student effort decisionsChadi, Adrian; De Pinto, Marco; Schultze, Gabriel
2017 Social comparisons in oligopsonyGoerke, Laszlo; Neugart, Michael
2017 Does commuting matter to subjective well-being?Lorenz, Olga
2017 Income or leisure? On the hidden benefits of (un-)employmentChadi, Adrian; Hetschko, Clemens
2017 There is no place like work: Evidence on health and labor market behavior from changing weather conditionsChadi, Adrian
2017 Minimum wages and vocational training incentives in GermanyKellermann, Kim Leonie
2017 Firm selection and the role of union heterogeneityDe Pinto, Marco; Michaelis, Jochen
2017 Employment protection legislation and mismatch: Evidence from a reformBerton, Fabio; Devicienti, Francesco; Grubanov-Boskovic, Sara
2017 Commuting and sickness absenceGoerke, Laszlo; Lorenz, Olga
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 106