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2021 Buy baits and consumer sophistication: Theory and field evidence from large-scale rebate promotionsRodemeier, Matthias
2021 High incentives without high cost: The role of (perceived) stake sizes in dictator gamesHopp, Daniel
2020 Rebound effects of behavioural efficiency improvements in households' energy services consumption in the presence of demand rigidities and habitsBaikowski, Martin; Koesler, Simon
2020 Negative income shocks and the support of environmental policies: Insights from the COVID-19 pandemicLöschel, Andreas; Price, Michael; Razzolini, Laura; Werthschulte, Madeline
2020 M&A, uncertainty, and bargaining power: Evidence from the German retail sectorRebolledo, Mayra
2020 Fiber-broadband-intenet and its regional impact: An empirical investigationKlein, Gordon
2020 Uncertainty and bargaining: A structural econometric approachKlein, Gordon; Rebolledo, Mayra
2020 Trade liberalization and SO2 emissions: Firm-level evidence from China's WTO entryLi, Lei; Löschel, Andreas; Pei, Jiansuo; Sturm, Bodo; Yu, Anqi
2020 When nudges fail to scale: Field experimental evidence from goal setting on mobile phonesLöschel, Andreas; Rodemeier, Matthias; Werthschulte, Madeline
2020 Uncertainty, bargaining power and bargaining solutions: An empirical applicationKlein, Gordon; Rebolledo, Mayra
2020 "Pay-later" vs. "pay-as-you-go": Experimental evidence on present-biased overconsumption and the importance of timingWerthschulte, Madeline
2020 The welfare effects of persuasion and taxation: Theory and evidence from the fieldRodemeier, Matthias; Löschel, Andreas
2020 National brands in hard discounters: Market expansion and bargaining power effectsBonnet, Céline; Bouamra-Mechemache, Zohra; Klein, Gordon
2019 Cost misperceptions and energy consumption: Experimental evidence for present bias and biased price beliefsWerthschulte, Madeline; Löschel, Andreas
2019 Can religious institutions promote sustainable behavior? Field experimental evidence on donations towards a carbon-offsetting fundFeldhaus, Christoph; Gleue, Marvin; Löschel, Andreas
2019 What drives total real unit energy costs globally? A novel LMDI decomposition approachKaltenegger, Oliver
2019 Do voluntary environmental programs reduce emissions? EMAS in the German manufacturing sectorKube, Roland; von Graevenitz, Kathrine; Löschel, Andreas; Massier, Philipp
2019 A normative analysis of subsidization of all-electric vehicles in GermanyMalina, Christiane
2019 The rebound effect and its representation in energy and climate modelsColmenares, Gloria; Löschel, Andreas; Madlener, Reinhard
2018 Ratchet up or down? An experimental investigation of global public good provision in the United Nations Youth Associations NetworkGallier, Carlo; Kesternich, Martin; Löschel, Andreas; Waichman, Israel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 118
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