CAWM Discussion Papers, Centrum für angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung Münster (CAWM), Universität Münster

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2018 The truth on Target IIvan Suntum, Ulrich
2018 Ratchet up or down? An experimental investigation of global public good provision in the United Nations Youth Associations NetworkGallier, Carlo; Kesternich, Martin; Löschel, Andreas; Waichman, Israel
2018 The demand for global and local environmental protection: Experimental evidence from climate change mitigation in BeijingLoeschel, Andreas; Pei, Jiansuo; Sturm, Bodo; Wang, Ran; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Zhao, Zhongxiu
2018 The natural interest rate in OLG modelling: A rehabilitationvan Suntum, Ulrich
2018 Impacts of consumers' electricity price misperceptionsBaikowski, Martin
2017 The effect of globalisation on energy footprints: Disentangling the links of global value chainsKaltenegger, Oliver; Löschel, Andreas; Pothe, Frank
2017 Drivers of energy efficiency in German manufacturing: A firm-level stochastic frontier analysisLutz, Benjamin Johannes; Massier, Philipp; Sommerfeld, Katrin; Löschel, Andreas
2017 Credit constraints, energy management practices, and investments in energy saving technologies: German manufacturing in close-upLöschel, Andreas; Lutz, Benjamin Johannes; Massier, Philipp
2017 Removing geo-blocking: What are the effects on innovation for vertically differentiated goods?Hamelmann, Lisa; Klein, Gordon J.
2017 The older, the richer? A decomposition of wealth inequality by age subgroupsIhle, Dorothee; Siebert-Meyerhoff, Andrea
2017 Quantile treatment effects of Riester participation on wealthIhle, Dorothee
2017 40 years of JEEM: Research trends and influential publications in environmental and resource economicsKube, Roland; Löschel, Andreas; Mertens, Henrik; Requate, Till
2017 Casting light on energy efficiency: Evidence on consumer inattention and imperfect informationRodemeier, Matthias; Löschel, Andreas; Kube, Roland
2016 The evolution of immigrants' homeownership in GermanyIhley, Dorothee; Siebert-Meyerhoff, Andrea
2016 The impacts of the EU ETS on efficiency: An empirical analyses for German manufacturing firmsLöschel, Andreas; Lutz, Benjamin Johannes; Managi, Shunsuke
2016 Saving behavior and housing wealth: Evidence from German micro dataGröbel, Sören; Ihle, Dorothee
2016 Distributional price effects of rent controls in Berlin: When expectation meets realityThomschke, Lorenz
2016 Energy costs in Germany and Europe: An assessment based on a (total real unit) energy cost accounting frameworkKaltenegger, Oliver; Löschel, Andreas; Baikowski, Martin; Lingens, Jörg
2016 Media market concentration and pluralismStühmeier, Torben
2016 The environmental impact of vehicle circulation tax reform in GermanyMalina, Christiane
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 99
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