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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The effect of high school rank in English and math on college major choiceDelaney, Judith; Devereux, Paul J.
2020 A review of the methodologies used in compiling owner-occupiers' housing indicesAhrens, Achim; Beirne, Keelan; Economides, Philip; Kostarakos, Ilias; McQuinn, Kieran; O'Toole, Conor
2019 The effect of spatial position of calorie information on choice, consumption and attentionRobertson, Deirdre A.; Lunn, Pete
2019 Optimal development of electricity generation mix considering fossil fuel phase-out and strategic multi-area interconnectionFitiwi, Desta Z.; Lnych, Muireann; Bertsch, Valentin
2019 Underestimation of money growth and pensions: Experimental investigationsMcGowan, Féidhlim P.; Lunn, Pete; Robertson, Deirdre A.
2019 Can official advice improve mortgage-holders' perceptions of switching? An experimental investigationTimmons, Shane; Barjaková, Martina; McElvaney, Terence J.; Lunn, Pete
2019 The determinants of SME capital structure across the lifecycleMartinez Cillero, Maria; Lawless, Martina; O'Toole, Conor
2019 Predicting farms' noncompliance with regulations on nitrate pollutionLunn, Pete; Lyons, Sean; Murphy, Martin
2019 Housing Assistance Payment: Potential impacts on financial incentives to workRoantree, Barra; Callan, Tim; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John
2019 Heat pumps and their role in decarbonising heating sector: A comprehensive reviewGaur, Ankita Singh; Fitiwi, Desta Z.; Curtis, John A.
2019 The relevance of wholesale electricity market places: The Nordic caseSpodniak, Petr; Ollikka, Kimmo; Honkapuro, Samuli
2019 Public debt consolidation and its distributional effectsVarthalitis, Petros; Sakkas, Stelios
2019 Promoting biogas and biomethane production: Lessons from cross country studiesZhu, Tong; Curtis, John A.; Clancy, Matthew S.
2019 Distributional impacts of carbon taxation and revenue recycling: A behavioural microsimulationTovar Reañosa, Miguel Angel; Lynch, Mureann Á.
2019 Have Irish sovereign bonds decoupled from the euro area periphery, and why?Cronin, David; Dunne, Peter G.; McQuinn, Kieran
2019 Modelling anglers' fish release choices using logbook dataGrilli, Gianluca; Curtis, John A.; Hynes, Stephen
2019 Recreational angling demand in a mixed resource fisheryGrilli, Gianluca; Mukhopadhyay, Soumyadeep; Curtis, John A.; Hynes, Stephen
2019 Interventions to increase physical activity in disadvantaged communities: A review of behavioural mechanismsGormley, Laura; Belton, Cameron A.; Lunn, Pete; Robertson, Deirdre A.
2019 Encouraging pro-environmental behaviours: A review of methods and approachesGrilli, Gianluca; Curtis, John A.
2019 Price regulation, inflation, and nominal rigidity in housing rentsO'Toole, Conor; Martinez-Cillero, Maria; Ahrens, Achim
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 494