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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Examining the benefits of load shedding strategies using a rolling-horizon stochastic mixed complementarity equilibrium modelDevine, Mel T.; Bertsch, Valentin
2016What drives people's opinions of electricity infrastructure? Empirical evidence from IrelandBertsch, Valentin; Hyland, Marie; Mahony, Michael
2017Determinants of power spreads in electricity futures markets: A multinational analysisSpodniak, Petr; Bertsch, Valentin
2017The role of community compensation mechanisms in reducing resistance to energy infrastructure developmentHyland, Marie; Bertsch, Valentin
2019Demand response within the energy-for-water-nexus: A reviewKirchem, Dana; Lynch, Muireann Á.; Casey, Eoin; Bertsch, Valentin
2019The role of demand response in mitigating market power: A quantitative analysis using a stochastic market equilibrium modelDevine, Mel T.; Bertsch, Valentin
2019Consumer preferences for end-use specific curtailable electricity contracts on household appliances during peak load hoursHarold, Jason; Bertsch, Valentin; Fell, Harrison
2019Capacity-constrained renewable power generation development in light of storage cost uncertaintyFitiwi, Desta; Lynch, Muireann Á.; Bertsch, Valentin
2018A looming revolution: Implications of self-generation for the risk exposure of retailersRusso, Marianna; Bertsch, Valentin
2018The role of power-to-gas in the future energy system: How much is needed and who wants to invest?Lynch, Muireann; Devine, Mel T.; Bertsch, Valentin