CeDEx Discussion Paper Series, The University of Nottingham

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Arms races and conflict: Experimental evidenceAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo
2019 Nudging with care: The risks and benefits of social informationBicchieri, Cristina; Dimant, Eugen
2019 When a nudge backfires: Using observation with social and economic incentives to promote pro-social behaviorBolton, Gary E.; Dimant, Eugen; Schmidt, Ulrich
2018 A theory of esteem based peer pressureAdriani, Fabrizio; Sonderegger, Silvia
2018 Policy experimentation, redistribution and voting rulesAnesi, Vincent; Bowen, T. Renee
2018 Present-biased generosity: Time inconsistency across individual and social contextsKölle, Felix; Wenner, Lukas
2018 Talking behind your back: Asymmetric communication in a three-person dilemmaAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo
2018 Cooperation, discounting, and the effects of delayed costs and benefitsKölle, Felix; Lauer, Thomas
2018 Altruism, fast and slow? Evidence from a meta-analysis and a new experimentFromell, Hanna; Nosenzo, Daniele; Owens, Trudy
2018 Communication with partially verifiable information: An experimentBurdea, Valeria; Montero Muñoz, María; Sefton, Martin
2018 Dynamic legislative policy making under adverse selectionAnesi, Vincent
2018 Inefficiency in private value bargaining with naive players: An experimental studyPossajennikov, Alexandre; Saran, Rene
2018 Effects of institutional history and leniency on collusive corruption and tax evasionBuckenmaier, Johannes; Dimant, Eugen; Mittone, Luigi
2018 Contagion of pro- and anti-social behavior among peers and the role of social proximityDimant, Eugen
2018 Not all group members are created equal: Heterogeneous abilities in inter-group contestsFallucchi, Francesco; Fatas, Enrique; Kölle, Felix; Weisel, Ori
2018 Friends or strangers? Strategic uncertainty and coordination across experimental games of strategic complements and substitutesChierchia, Gabriele; Tufano, Fabio; Coricelli, Giorgio
2017 All-pay auctions with extra prize: A partial exclusion principleDahm, Matthias
2017 Revealing the economic consequences of group cohesionGächter, Simon; Starmer, Chris; Tufano, Fabio
2017 Social comparisons in job search: Experimental evidenceFu, Jingcheng; Sefton, Martin; Upward, Richard
2017 The effect of voluntary participation on cooperationNosenzo, Daniele; Tufano, Fabio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 201