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2024Impact of the Ruble exchange rate regime and Russia's war in Ukraine on wheat prices in RussiaYugay, Stanislav; Götz, Linde; Svanidze, Miranda
2024Building bridges: Community-based projects for participation and social inclusion of rural NEETsFerreira, Tatiana; Ellena, Adriano Mauro; Jonsson, Frida; Barbosa, Belém; Uyan-Semerci, Pınar; Tuna, Emelj; Kvieskienė, Giedrė; Marta, Elena; Unay-Gailhard, İlkay; Fernandes-Jesus, Maria
2024The impact of Internet access on household dietary quality: Evidence from rural ChinaCui, Yi; Zhao, Qiran; Glauben, Thomas; Si, Wei
2024Digital technologies as a driver of resilience and institutional transformation: The case of Ukrainian agroholdingsGagalyuk, Taras; Kovalova, Maryna
2024Surrogate modelling of a detailed farm‐level model using deep learningShang, Linmei; Wang, Jifeng; Schäfer, David; Heckelei, Thomas; Gall, Juergen; Appel, Franziska; Storm, Hugo
2024Trade-offs in stakeholder theory: An ordonomic perspectivePies, Ingo; Valentinov, Vladislav
2024Assessing peer influence on farmers’ climate adaptations: An experimental adoption of index insurance and savings in UzbekistanMoritz, Laura; Kuhn, Lena; Bobojonov, Ihtiyor; Glauben, Thomas
2024Heterogeneous effects of weather extremes on different dimensions of poverty in KyrgyzstanKimsanova, Barchynai; Umirbekov, Atabek; Herzfeld, Thomas; Müller, Daniel
2024Combining multiple UAV-based indicators for wheat yield estimation, a case study from GermanyKhodjaev, Shovkat; Kuhn, Lena; Bobojonov, Ihtiyor; Glauben, Thomas
2024Transition towards a bioeconomy: Comparison of conditions and institutional work in selected industriesWilde, Kerstin; Hermans, Frans
2024Dynamics of food demand during political instability: Evidence from KyrgyzstanKimsanova, Barchynai; Sanaev, Golib; Herzfeld, Thomas
2024Unraveling the complexity of land use change and path dependency in agri-environmental schemes for small farmers: A serious game approachAlpuche Álvarez, Yair Asael; Jepsen, Martin Rudbeck; Müller, Daniel; Rasmussen, Laura Vang; Zhanli, Sun
2024GEMS v1.0: Generalizable Empirical Model of Snow Accumulation and Melt, based on daily snow mass changes in response to climate and topographic driversUmirbekov, Atabek; Essery, Richard; Müller, Daniel
2024Evolving patterns of agricultural production space in China: A network-based approachYang, Shuhui; Li, Zhongkai; Zhou, Jianlin; Gao, Yancheng; Cui, Xuefeng
2024The impact of demographic dynamics on food consumption and its environmental outcomes: Evidence from ChinaLi, Shaoting; Chen, Xuan; Ren, Yanjun; Glauben, Thomas
2024Social capital effects on resilience to food insecurity: Evidence from KyrgyzstanEgamberdiev, Bekhzod
2024Does internet use benefit the mental health of older adults? Empirical evidence from the China health and retirement longitudinal studyZhang, Lixia; Li, Shaoting; Ren, Yanjun
2024Using farm typology to understand banana Xanthomonas wilt management in RwandaKabirigi, Michel; Hermans, Frans; Sun, Zhanli; Gaidashova, Svetlana V.; McCampbell, Mariette; Adewopo, Julius B.; Schut, Marc
2024Stakeholder governance to facilitate collaboration for a systemic circular economy transition: A qualitative study in the European chemicals and plastics industrySchultz, Felix Carl; Valentinov, Vladislav; Kirchherr, Julian; Reinhardt, Robert Jaroslav; Pies, Ingo
2024What is still at stake in the Gran Chaco? Social-ecological impacts of alternative land-system futures in a global deforestation hotspotLevers, Christian; Piquer-Rodríguez, María; Gollnow, Florian; Baumann, Matthias; Camino, Micaela; Gasparri, Nestor Ignacio; Gavier-Pizarro, Gregorio Ignacio; le Polain de Waroux, Yann; Müller, Daniel; Nori, Javier; Pötzschner, Florian; Romero-Muñoz, Alfredo; Kuemmerle, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 899