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2023 Industrialisation in a small grain economy during the First Globalisation: Bulgaria c. 1870–1910Ivanov, Martin; Kopsidis, Michael
2023 Multi-objective spatial optimization to balance trade-offs between farmland bird diversity and potential agricultural net returnsWesemeyer, Maximilian; Kamp, Johannes; Schmitz, Tillman; Müller, Daniel; Lakes, Tobia
2023 Predator or prey? Effects of farm growth on neighbouring farmsAppel, Franziska; Balmann, Alfons
2023 The role of risk rationing in rural credit demand and uptake: lessons from KyrgyzstanKuhn, Lena; Bobojonov, Ihtiyor
2023 How to keep it adequate: A protocol for ensuring validity in agent-based simulationTroost, Christian; Huber, Robert; Bell, Andrew R.; van Delden, Hedwig; Filatova, Tatiana; Le, Quang Bao; Lippe, Melvin; Niamir, Leila; Polhill, J. Gareth; Sun, Zhanli; Berger, Thomas
2023 Scale decisions and good practices in socio-environmental systems modelling: Guidance and documentation during problem scoping and model formulationWang, Hsiao-Hsuan; Van Voorn, George; Grant, William E.; Zare, Fateme; Giupponi, Carlo; Steinmann, Patrick; Müller, Birgit; Elsawah, Sondoss; van Delden, Hedwig; Athanasiadis, Ioannis N.; Sun, Zhanli; Jager, Wander; Little, John C.; Jakeman, Anthony J.
2023 More competitive than you think? Pricing and location of processing firms in agricultural marketsGraubner, Marten; Sexton, Richard J.
2023 Why smallholders stop engaging in forest activities: The role of in-migration in livelihood transitions in forested landscapes of southwestern EthiopiaGroth, Juliane; Seppelt, Ralf; Sakdapolrak, Patrick; Senbeta, Feyera; Hermans, Kathleen
2023 Don’t look up! Individual income comparisons and subjective well-being of students in ThailandDufhues, Thomas; Möllers, Judith; Jantsch, Antje; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Camfield, Laura
2023 The rapid rise of Russia's wheat exports: Price formation, spot-futures relations and volatility effectsHeigermoser, Maximilian
2023 Why do farmers seek office? Regulatory capture in Russian agricultural subsidizationKvartiuk, Vasyl; Herzfeld, Thomas
2023 Rethinking human–nature relationships: Daoism’s contribution to transcultural sociotechnical imaginariesHasenkamp, Miao-ling; Sun, Zhanli
2023 The use of mobile phones and the heterogeneity of banana farmers in RwandaKabirigi, Michel; Sekabira, Haruna; Sun, Zhanli; Hermans, Frans
2023 Actors and their roles for improving resilience of farming systems in EuropeSoriano, Bárbara; Garrido, Alberto; Bertolozzi-Caredio, Daniele; Accatino, Francesco; Antonioli, Federico; Krupin, Vitaliy; Meuwissen, Miranda P.M.; Ollendorf, Franziska; Rommel, Jens; Spiegel, Alisa; Tudor, Monica; Urquhart, Julie; Vigani, Mauro; Bardají, Isabel
2023 Societal dynamics of sustainability certification in Ghanaian cocoa producing communities: Assessing social cohesion effects and their implications for collective actionOllendorf, Franziska; Sieber, Stefan; Löhr, Katharina
2023 The role of crop classification in detecting wheat yield variation for index-based agricultural insurance in arid and semiarid environmentsEltazarov, Sarvarbek; Bobojonov, Ihtiyor; Kuhn, Lena; Glauben, Thomas
2023 Rainfall changes perceived by farmers and captured by meteorological data: Two sides to every storyHubertus, Lena; Groth, Juliane; Teucher, Mike; Hermans, Kathleen
2022 Wealth and subjective well-being in GermanyJantsch, Antje; Le Blanc, Julia; Schmidt, Tobias
2022 Der Ukrainekrieg offenbart angespannte Versorgungslagen auf Weltagrarmärkten: Gefordert sind wettbewerblich agierende globale Handelsstrukturen zur KrisenbewältigungGlauben, Thomas; Svanidze, Miranda; Götz, Linde Johanna; Prehn, Sören; Jaghdani, Tinoush Jamali; Djuric, Ivan; Kuhn, Lena
2022 The war in Ukraine exposes supply tensions on global agricultural markets: Openness to global trade is needed to cope with the crisisGlauben, Thomas; Svanidze, Miranda; Götz, Linde Johanna; Prehn, Sören; Jaghdani, Tinoush Jamali; Djuric, Ivan; Kuhn, Lena
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 777