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Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
Nathusius, Eva
Schraml, Stephanie
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Working Paper 2007-02
In the course of raising external equity, e.g. from venture capitalists, a quantitative valuation is usually required for entrepreneurial ventures. This paper examines the challenges of quantitatively valuing platform technology based entrepreneurial ventures. The distinct characteristics of such companies pose specific requirements on the applicability of quantitative valuation methods. The entrepreneur can choose from a wide range of potential commercialization strategies to pursue in the course of company development which is difficult to take account of in a quantitative valuation. By developing and applying a systematic map of valuation requirements in this context, we analyze whether the cost, market or income approach is suitable for platform technology based entrepreneurial ventures. We argue that all three valuation methods have drawbacks. Yet, the income approach fulfills most of the requirements and, therefore, is considered to be more suitable for the entrepreneur as well as external equity providers than other quantitative valuation methods.
entrepreneurial venture
platform technology
young venture valuation
quantitative company valuation
intangible assets
intellectual property
commercialization strategies
value extraction
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Working Paper

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