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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Congestion pricing, air pollution, and individual-level behavioral responsesIsaksen, Elisabeth T.; Johansen, Bjørn G.
2021 Substitution effects in college admissionsGandil, Mikkel Høst
2021 School value-added and long-term student outcomesKirkebøen, Lars J.
2021 A perfectly competitive economy is an economy without welfare relevant endogenous learningNyborg, Karine
2020 Public work and private violenceKjelsrud, Anders; Sjurgard, Kristin Vikan
2020 How the internet changed the market for print mediaBhuller, Manudeep; Havnes, Tarjei; McCauley, Jeremy; Mogstad, Magne
2019 A new model for wage formation in IcelandHolden, Steinar
2019 Collaboration, alphabetical order and gender discrimination: Evidence from the labWiborg, Vegard Sjurseike; Brekke, Kjell Arne; Nyborg, Karine
2019 Labour market institutions, shocks and the employment rateHaraldsen, Kristine Wika; Nymoen, Ragnar; Sparrman, Victoria
2019 Humans in the perfectly competitive marketNyborg, Karine
2019 Robustness of the Norwegian wage formation system and free EU labour movement: Evidence from wage data for nativesDapi, Bjorn; Nymoen, Ragnar; Sparrman, Victoria
2019 No man is an island: Social coordination and the environmentNyborg, Karine
2019 Unemployed or disabled? Disability screening and labor market outcomes of youthsSchreiner, Ragnhild C.
2019 The long and winding road: Labour market integration of refugees in NorwayHardoy, Inés; Zhang, Tao
2019 Environmental performance measurement: The rise and fall of Shephard-inspired measuresFørsund, Finn R.
2019 How broadband internet affects labor market matchingBhuller, Manudeep; Kostøl, Andreas Ravndal; Vigtel, Trond C.
2018 Beating the Matthew effect: Head starts and catching up in a dynamic all-pay auctionClark, Derek J.; Nilssen, Tore
2018 Dynamic industry productivity measures: The case of thermal electricity generation by South Korean plants 2001-2008 and in Chinese regions 2000-2014Førsund, Finn R.; Heshmati, Almas; Wang, Ke
2018 Ragnar Frisch (1895-1973)Bjerkholt, Olav
2018 Rank-discounting as a resolution to a dilemma in population ethicsAsheim, Geir B.; Zuber, Stéphane
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 572