Memoranda, Department of Economics, University of Oslo

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Revisiting, from a Frischian point of view, the relationship between elasticities of intratemporal and intertemporal substitutionBiørn, Erik
2017 Identification and method of moments estimation in polynomial measurement error modelsBiørn, Erik
2017 Taxes and the location of targetsArulampalam, Wiji; Devereux, Michael P.; Liberini, Federica
2017 Resource extraction and uncertain tipping pointsVislie, Jon
2016 Potential climate risks in financial markets: A literature overviewHjort, Ingrid
2016 Multi-equation modelling of desirable and undesirable outputs satisfying the material balanceFørsund, Finn R.
2016 Potential climate risks in financial markets: Report from a workshop, January 20, 2016Hjort, Ingrid
2016 Intergenerational altruism: A solution to the climate problem?Nesje, Frikk; Asheim, Geir B.
2016 Optimal control theory with applications to resource and environmental economicsHoel, Michael
2016 Pollution modelling and multiple-output productionFørsund, Finn R.
2016 Optimal taxation with endogenous return to capitalArnaldur Sölvi Kristjánsson
2016 Productivity development of Norwegian institutions of higher education 2004 - 2013Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld; Førsund, Finn R.; Kittelsen, Sverre A. C.
2016 Expected and unexpected consequences of childbearing - a methodologically and politically important distinction that is overlookedKravdal, Øystein
2016 Sustainable growthAsheim, Geir B.
2016 The dynamics of revolutionsMichaeli, Moti; Nicolaievsky Spiro, Daniel
2016 Epistemically robust strategy subsetsAsheim, Geir B.; Voorneveld, Mark; Weibull, Jörgen W.
2016 Smoothing the frontier in the DEA modelsKrivonozhko, Vladimir W.; Førsund, Finn R.; Lychev, Andrey V.
2016 Panel data estimators and aggregationBiørn, Erik
2016 Wassily Leontief and the discovery of the input-output approachBjerkholt, Olav
2016 Unequal power and the dynamics of rivalryMehlum, Halvor; Moene, Karl Ove
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 539