Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2011: Die Ordnung der Weltwirtschaft - Lektionen aus der Krise

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Session Title No. of documents
D12 Advertising and Marketing Campaigns 2
D18 Applied Econometrics 1
C15 Board's Risk Taking Incentives 1
E7 Coordination and Cooperation 1
B5 Corporate Taxation 1
B1 Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area 2
B4 Dynamic Macroeconomics 1
B17 Dynamic Optimization 1
G5 Economic Analysis of Groups 1
B3 Economic Development and Structural Change 1
F10 Economics of Climate Change 1
D8 Economics of Religion 1
A18 Empirical Analysis of Health and Education 1
B11 Empirical Labour Markets and Social Security 2
G19 Empirical Macroeconomics 1
A19 Empirical Trade 1
A17 Endogenous Growth Theory 2
F14 Environmental Policy 1
A9 Experimental Economics I 2
A10 Financial Crises 1
F6 Financial Economics 1
G6 Financial Integration 1
G11 Fiscal Policy 1
C2 Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Policy Reform 1
G2 Fiscal Stimulus 2
G17 Forecasting Methods 1
D13 Gender Economics 1
D1 Governments, Banks and Central Banks in the Financial Crisis 1
F16 Health Economics 1
E13 Immigration and Labor Markets 1
E18 Immigration, Education and Discrimination 1
C4 Income Distribution 1
C17 Inflation 1
B14 Information Economics 2
A16 Interest Rates 1
G9 International Trade in Services: Evidence from Micro-Data 1
D3 Labour Market Frictions 1
F18 Migration, Earnings, and Human Capital 1
A2 Money, Macro and Finance in East Asia 1
A7 Motivating Workers 1
C5 Multinational Firms 1
D6 Productivity and Age 2
C8 Productivity and Growth 1
B2 Sovereign Debt Crises II 1
A1 Sovereign Debt Crisis I 1
F19 Spatial Approaches on Productivity, Social Capital and Racial Profiling 1
D16 Tax Policy 1
D5 Terrorism 1
E16 The Life-Cycle Consumption Model 2
D15 Trade, Developing Countries, and Technology Adoption 1
B16 Treatment Effects 1
A15 Voting and Elections 2
F15 Wealth Surveys in Germany: New Perspectives for Research on Household Finance and Wealth 1
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