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2022Preferences and opportunities in the marriage market: How comprehensive schooling made the wealthy marry downHolmlund, Helena
2022The financial situation of people with severe mental illness in an advanced welfare stateEliason, Marcus
2022No activation without reconciliation? The interplay between ALMP and ECEC in relation to women's employment, unemployment and inactivity in 30 OECD countries, 1985-2018Nieuwenhuis, Rense
2022Earnings expectations and educational sorting: An ex-ante perspective on returns to university educationAngelov, Nikolay; Johansson, Per-Olov; Lindahl, Mikael; Pihl, Ariel
2022Deservingness and street-level decision-making: Two survey experiments on the use of discretion in the public sectorLundin, Martin; Häggblom, Josefin
2022Filling in the blanks: How does information about the Swedish EITC affect labour supply?Nyman, Pär; Aggeborn, Linuz; Ahlskog, Rafael
2022When workers' skills become unbundled: Some empirical consequences for sorting and wagesNordström Skans, Oskar; Choné, Philippe; Kramarz, Francis
2022A lifecycle estimator of intergenerational income mobilityMello, Ursula; Nybom, Martin; Stuhler, Jan
2022Replacing student grants with loans: Evidence from a Swedish policy reformBrandén, Gunnar
2022Reducing the gender gap in parental leave through economic incentives? Evidence from the gender equality bonus in SwedenRosenqvist, Olof
2022Consequences of job loss for routine workersYakymovych, Yaroslav
2022Policies for young adults with reduced work capacity: Labour market impact in Sweden and NorwayHall, Caroline King Barnard; Hardoy, Inés; Von Simson, Kristine
2022The unequal consequences of job loss across countriesBertheau, Antoine; Acabbi, Edoardo; Barceló, Cristina; Gulyas, Andreas; Lombardi, Stefano; Saggio, Raffaele
2022Earnings losses and the role of the welfare state during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from SwedenAdermon, Adrian; Laun, Lisa; Lind, Patrik; Olsson, Martin; Sauermann, Jan; Sjögren, Anna
2022Schooling in the Nordic countries during the COVID-19 pandemicHall, Caroline King Barnard; Hardoy, Inés; Lundin, Martin
2022Limbo or leverage? Asylum waiting and refugee integrationEngdahl, Mattias; Rosenqvist, Olof; Åslund, Olof
2022Earnings responses to even higher taxesMiao, Dingquan; Selin, Håkan; Söderström, Martin
2022Firm responses to a more generous insurance against high sick pay costsHall, Caroline King Barnard; Liljeberg, Linus; Lindahl, Erica
2022Mothers' birth giving status and the division of parental leave: A comparison of adoptive and biological parentsMoberg, Ylva; Van der Vleun, Maaike
2022Learning-by-doing and productivity growth among high-skilled workers: Evidence from the treatment of heart attacksJames, Stefan; Lagerqvist, Bo; Lundborg, Petter; Vikström, Johan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 558