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2021 The nonsense of next generation EU net balance calculationsDarvas, Zsolt M.
2021 The productivity paradox: Policy lessons from MICROPRODClaeys, Gregory; Demertzis, Maria
2021 The geopolitics of the European Green DealLeonard, Mark; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Shapiro, Jeremy; Tagliapietra, Simone; Wolff, Guntram B.
2021 Economic crisis in the Middle East and North AfricaDñabrowski, Marek; Domínguez-Jiménez, Marta
2021 China's state-owned enterprises and competitive neutralityGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Ng, Gary
2021 A new direction for the European Union'shalf-hearted semiconductor strategyPoitiers, Niclas; Weil, Pauline
2021 Navigating through hydrogenMcWilliams, Ben; Zachmann, Georg
2021 Accounting for climate policies in Europe's sovereign debt marketDomínguez-Jiménez, Marta; Lehmann, Alexander
2021 Europe should not neglect its capital markets unionDemertzis, Maria; Domínguez-Jiménez, Marta; Guetta-Jeanrenaud, Lionel
2021 A whole-economy carbon price for Europe and how to get thereEdenhofer, Ottmar; Kosch, Mirjam; Pahle, Michael; Zachmann, Georg
2021 Is the European Union's investment agreement with China underrated?Dadush, Uri; Sapir, André
2021 The great COVID-19 divergence: Managing a sustainable and equitable recovery in the European UnionClaeys, Gregory; Darvas, Zsolt M.; Demertzis, Maria; Wolff, Guntram B.
2021 Blending the physical and virtual: A hybrid model for the future of workGrzegorczyk, Monika; Mariniello, Mario; Nurski, Laura; Schraepen, Tom
2021 The risks from climate change to sovereign debt in EuropeZenios, Stauros Andrea
2021 A green fiscal pact: Climate investment in times of budget consolidationDarvas, Zsolt M.; Wolff, Guntram B.
2021 Low interest rates in Europe and the US: One trend, two storiesDemertzis, Maria; Viegi, Nicola
2021 How difficult is China's business environment for European and American companies?Dadush, Uri; Weil, Pauline
2021 Do robots dream of paying taxes?Christie, Rebecca
2021 Commercialisation contracts: European support for low-carbon technology deploymentMcWilliams, Ben; Zachmann, Georg
2021 A new integrated-value assessment method for corporate investmentSchoenmaker, Dirk
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 280