University of Tübingen Working Papers in Economics and Finance

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Behavior in reverse: Reasons for return migrationStark, Oded
2018 On the taxing of migrants' earnings while retaining a migrant workforceStark, Oded; Budzinski, Wiktor
2018 Common holdings and strategic manager compensation: The case of an asymmetric triopolyNeus, Werner; Stadler, Manfred
2018 Gender differentiation in intergenerational care-giving and migration choicesStark, Oded; Curkowska-Torzewska, Ewa
2018 An adverse social welfare effect of a doubly gainful tradeStark, Oded; Zawojska, Ewa; Kohler, Wilhelm; Szczygielski, Krzysztof
2018 On social preferences and the intensity of risk aversionStark, Oded
2018 Community cohesion and assimilation equilibriaStark, Oded; Jakubek, Marcin; Szczygielski, Krzysztof
2018 On structural change, the social stress of a farming population, and the political economy of farm supportStark, Oded; Fałkowski, Jan
2018 How admitting migrants with any skills can help overcome a shortage of workers with particular skillsStark, Oded; Byra, Lukasz
2018 Location in a disk city with consumer concentration around the centerStadler, Manfred
2018 Capacity precommitment, communication, and collusive pricing: Theoretical benchmark and experimental evidenceGüth, Werner; Stadler, Manfred; Zaby, Alexandra
2017 Asymmetric information in simple bargaining games: An experimental studyKlempt, Charlotte; Pull, Kerstin; Stadler, Manfred
2017 Contracting institutions and firm boundariesEppinger, Peter S.; Kukharskyy, Bohdan
2017 Migration when social preferences are ordinal: Steady-state population distribution, and social welfareStark, Oded
2017 An adverse social welfare consequence of a rich-to-poor income transfer: A relative deprivation approachStark, Oded; Kosiorowski, Grzegorz; Jakubek, Marcin
2017 A critical comparison of migration policies: Entry fee versus quotaStark, Oded; Byra, Lukasz; Casarico, Alessandra; Übelmesser, Silke
2017 Service offshoring and firm employmentEppinger, Peter S.
2017 A class of proximity-sensitive measures of relative deprivationStark, Oded; Bielawski, Jakub; Falniowski, Fryderyk
2017 Gun violence in the U.S.: Correlates and causesKukharskyy, Bohdan; Seiffert, Sebastian
2017 Consensus income distributionStark, Oded; Falniowski, Fryderyk; Jakubek, Marcin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 114
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