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Kolev, Atanas
Riess, Armin
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[Journal:] EIB Papers [ISSN:] 0257-7755 [Volume:] 12 [Year:] 2007 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 10-28
The main purpose of this paper is to preview the other contributions to this volume of the EIB Papers. In this context, it offers a few additional perspectives. One highlights why energy issues have re-emerged as a matter of policy interest. Another concerns the difference between the macroeconomic impact of the oil price shocks of the 1970s and that of the recent rise in international energy prices. A third perspective - set against concerns about the security of energy supply for Europe - pertains to the wide variation in energy import dependency across EU countries. Lastly, the paper comments on the energy efficiency ambitions of the European Union.
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