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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Applying tradable permits to biodiversity conservation: A conceptual analysis of trading rulesWissel, Silvia; Wätzold, Frank
2007Comparing visible and less visible costs of the Habitats Directive: The case of hamster conservation in GermanyEppink, Florian V.; Wätzold, Frank
2006Explaining differences in environmental policy across Europe: the importance of informal institutions, incomplete information and path dependenceWätzold, Frank
2007Applying tradable permits to biodiversity conservation: effects of space-dependent ecological benefits and cost heterogeneity on habitat allocationDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2009Integrating knowledge from social and natural sciences for biodiversity management: The asymmetric information trapWätzold, Frank; Haberl, Helmut; Svarstad, Hanne; van Reeth, Wouter; White, Rehema
2013A systematic approach for assessing spatially and temporally differentiated opportunity costs of biodiversity conservation measures in grasslandsMewes, Melanie; Drechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Sturm, Astrid; Wätzold, Frank
2003Species conservation in the face of political uncertaintyDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2006Managing land use and land cover change in the biodiversity context with regard to efficiency, equality and ecological effectivenessOhl, Cornelia; Drechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank
2005Promoting the multifunctionality of agriculture, forestry, and rural areas - design and implementation of public policies in GermanyLehmann, Paul; Schleyer, Christian; Wüstemann, Henry; Drechsler, Martin; Hagedorn, Konrad; Wätzold, Frank
2005Differences and similarities between ecological and economic models for biodiversity conservationDrechsler, Martin; Grimma, Volker; Myšiak, Jaroslav; Wätzold, Frank