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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010WP2: Assessing multi-level activities in water and biodiversity governance. ReportAntunes, Paula; Quillacq, Patricia; Rauschmayer, Felix; Santos, Rui; Videira, Nuno; Egerton, Catrin
2007Multi-level governance of natural resources: tools and processes for water and biodiversity governance in Europe - a European research and training networkRauschmayer, Felix; Wittmer, Heidi; Paavola, Jouni
2013Do community currencies enhance sustainable quality of life?Mock, Mirijam; Omann, Ines; Rauschmayer, Felix; Fuchs, Daniela
2010WP3: participation in the multi-level governance of European water and biodiversity - a review of case studiesRenn, Ortwin; Berghöfer, Augustin; Wittmer, Heidi; Rauschmayer, Felix
2009Positive evaluations may be shortlived: On outcomes and processes of a World Bank biodiversity project in a post-communist countryFalaleeva, Maria; Rauschmayer, Felix
2011Ecosystem effects on well-being: More than just "benefits"? Looking at ecosystem services through the capability approachPolishchuk, Yuliana; Rauschmayer, Felix
2004Economic evaluation of biological invasions: A surveyBorn, Wanda; Rauschmayer, Felix; Bräuer, Ingo
2003Integrated assessment of biological invasionsRauschmayer, Felix
2012Re-conceptualising sustainable development on the basis of the capability approach: A model and its difficultiesLeßmann, Ortrud; Rauschmayer, Felix
2013Towards a governance of sustainability transitions: Giving place to individualsRauschmayer, Felix; Bauler, Tom; Schäpke, Niko