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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016A public choice framework for climate adaptation: Barriers to efficient adaptation and lessons learned from German flood disastersGawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Strunz, Sebastian; Heuson, Clemens
2016The rationales for technology-specific renewable energy support: Conceptual arguments and their relevance for GermanyGawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Purkus, Alexandra; Söderholm, Patrik; Witte, Katherina
2016Water footprint and carbon footprint: Disparate relativesGawel, Erik
2018The regional heterogeneity of wind power deployment: An empirical investigation of land-use policies in Germany and SwedenLauf, Thomas; Ek, Kristina; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Söderholm, Patrik
2015Policy convergence: A conceptual framework based on lessons from renewable energy policies in the EUStrunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Söderholm, Patrik
2014Ist der Kostendeckungsgrundsatz in Art. 9 WRRL allein umweltzielbezogen?Gawel, Erik; Unnerstall, Herwig
2014On the alleged need to strictly "Europeanize" the German EnergiewendeStrunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul
2014Article 9 Water Framework Directive: What does the term "water services" mean? On the EU Court of Justice conclusions of Advocate General Jääskinen in case C-525/12Gawel, Erik
2014Environmental policy through climate engineering?Gawel, Erik
2014Rechtsrahmen der Bioökonomie in Mitteldeutschland: Bestandsaufnahme und BewertungLudwig, Grit; Tronicke, Cornelius; Köck, Wolfgang; Gawel, Erik