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Alvarado Yah, Samuel
Leyva Morales, Carlos E.
Muñoz, Ileana Lara
Sánchez Aké, Oyuki
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Economic Analysis Working Papers No. 2009,8
Colegio de Economistas de A Coruña, A Coruña
Abstract (Translated): 
We analyze the international market, fresh or chilled fish and its impact on exports and Mexico's competitiveness in this market from 1995 to 2005. It was found that the production and global consumption of fish present in generally good perspective, the two grew significantly from 1995 to 2005, not the world sugar trade where the trade balance deficit made a condition resulting from increased availability or domestic supply and import of this product in the world market that the annual production target of this or domestic demand and exports. We conclude that despite the unfavorable trend observed in world sugar trade in the period, one can say that this has not been reflected significantly in Mexico, since the competitiveness of fisheries subsector is characterized by significant competitive advantages in the international market (high levels of tradability and relative trade balance) that confer a macroeconomic competitiveness media.
Pescado fresco o refrigerado
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Working Paper

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