Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2010 (Hannover)

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2012 Local Financial Development and Household Welfare: Microevidence from Thai HouseholdsGloede, Oliver; Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2010 Aid Allocation through Various Official and Private Channels: Need, Merit and Self-Interest as Motives of German DonorsNunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2010 Will microfinance continue to evolve into a mainstream asset class? Indications in favor and againstKirchstein, Katja; Welvers, Kathleen
2010 Why we should all care about social institutions related to gender inequalityBranisa, Boris; Klasen, Stephan; Ziegler, Maria
2010 The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of NationsDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2010 Economic Causes of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: A Panel Data Analysis for 2000sda Silva, Jorge Hargrave Gonçalves; Kis-Katos, Krisztina
2010 Foreign Firms: Powerful or Persecuted?Aisbett, Emma
2010 Building Functional Adult Literacy and Numeracy with Mobile Phones: Can you Text me Now?Aker, Jenny C.; Ksoll, Christopher; Lybbert, Travis J.
2010 The Canola Oil Industry and EU Trade Integration: A Gravity Model ApproachRöttgers, Dirk; Faße, Anja; Grote, Ulrike
2010 FDI liberalization, firm heterogeneity and foreign ownership: German firm decisions in reforming IndiaGörg, Holger; Mühlen, Henning; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2010 The dynamics in requested and granted loan terms when bank and borrower interact repeatedlyKirschenmann, Karolin
2010 The Institutional Basis of Gender InequalityBranisa, Boris; Ziegler, Maria; Klasen, Stephan
2010 The Economic Benefits of giving Aid in terms of Donors ExportsMartínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas; Klasen, Stephan
2010 The effects of financial development on income inequality and povertyKappel, Vivien
2010 The Gender Inequalities Index (GII) as a New Way to Understand Gender Inequality Issues in Developing CountriesFerrant, Gaëlle
2010 Determinants Influencing Adoption of Geographical Indication Certification: The Case of Rice Cultivation in ThailandNgokkuen, Chuthaporn; Grote, Ulrike
2010 Ethanol Production, Food and ForestsAndrade de Sa, Saraly; Palmer, Charles; Engel, Stefanie
2010 Electoral Control under Decentralization: Decentralization as unbundling of public goods provision.Farfan-Vallespin, Antonio
2010 Premises of Aid for TradeKöniger, Jens; Busse, Matthias; Koopmann, Georg
2010 A household-based Human Development IndexHarttgen, Kenneth; Klasen, Stephan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63
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