Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2008 (Zürich)

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2008Economics and the Survivor PeasantPinto, Flavio
2008Income Diversification and Poverty in a Growing Agricultural Economy: The Case of GhanaLay, Jann; Schüler, Dana
2008And What About the Family Back Home? International Migration and HappinessBorraz, Fernando; Pozo, Susan; Rossi, Máximo
2008The African Growth Gap and the Realization of the MDGsKnedlik, Tobias; Reinowski, Eva
2008Boon or Burden? The Effect of Private Sector Debt on the Risk of Sovereign Default in Developing CountriesCelasun, Oya; Harms, Philipp
2008Strategic Registration of Voters: the Chilean CaseDe Luca, Giacomo
2008Household Structures and Savings: Evidence from Household Surveysde Laiglesia, Juan R.; Morrisson, Christian
2008Aid and Trade from a Donor's PerspectiveNowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Klasen, Stephan; Herzer, Dierk
2008Globalization, Political Regimes and International Environmental CommitmentBernauer, Thomas; Kalbhenn, Anna; Koubi, Vally; Ruoff, Gabriele
2008Coping with risk and distortion in performance-based payment for environmental services schemesZabel, Astrid
2008Challenging the miracle of transgenic crops in China: findings from a case study in cotton using panel dataPemsl, Diemuth E.; Völker, Marc; Wu, L.; Waibel, Hermann
2008The Effects of DR-CAFTA in Nicaragua A CGE-Microsimulation Model for Poverty and Inequality AnalysisColombo, Giulia
2008Delays in Sovereign Debt Restructurings. Should we really blame the creditors?Trebesch, Christoph
2008The Output Cost of Gender Discrimination: A Model-Based Macroeconomic EstimateCavalcanti, Tiago V. de V.; Tavares, José
2008UN approval of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in developing countries: The political economy of the CDM Executive BoardFlues, Florens; Michaelowa, Axel; Michaelowa, Katharina
2008Small-scale inland fisheries in Africa: How to collect data for poverty assessment?Witt, Rudolf; Pemsl, Diemuth E.; Waibel, Hermann
2008Economic Migration, Networks and Human Capital Transferability from the New European Borderlands. A Comparison of Five Eastern European Countries.Danzer, Alexander M.; Dietz, Barbara
2008Clarifying Poverty DecompositionMüller, Adrian
2008Health insurance in Rural Northern Thailand What is available What would be desirableSricharoen, Thitiwan; Buchenrieder, Gertrud
2008Evaluating the Impact of Colonialism on Economic Development: A Counterfactual AnalysisKaniyathu, Sunny John
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47
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